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Purchasing Sam & Max Season 2 DVD with Adventure Bundle

posted by Graxer on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
As the Adventure Bundle Terms of Sale state I should be able to purchase the Sam & Max Season 2 DVD now that Sam & Max is unlocked. How would I go about doing this, as my order number for the Adventure Bundle comes up as invalid when I try to use it to get the free DVD?
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  • Go ahead and go into your shopping cart, disc is there for you.
  • Thank you! :) I've just ordered my games!
  • Its not coming up for me in my shopping cart as $0, wanted to grab the disc along with my disc version for Tales of Monkey Island (hoping it would save a bit on postage since im so cheap)
  • Good morning!

    If you could do the same thing for me, cheers!
  • Heya! Yeah, same for me, thanks! I bought the bundle and now the DVD's not available.
  • Same problem here. When I try to enter the order code of the bundle in order to allow the S&M2 DVD, I get an "invalid number" message.
  • Same problem with me. Dunno how to get the DVD. Hoping to buy on Talk Like a Pirate Day itself, for teh lulz.

    ARRDIT: Aye, I be gettin' th' jitters, anticipatorin' this, legitimate-wise acquisition of me fair booty. If'n it be t'ward helpin' this all along, here be me "support issue" call number, if personal negotiations be in orderrr: [issue-35575]

    Do try gettin' yer rudders workin', that I may make off with me treasurrres 'fore this next sundown, lest the Monkeys of that blasted Island bolster their ranks!
  • I added mine to the card and it showed up as 29.95... can somone fix this for me too pls?
  • Hi guys - sorry about that. I need to set up DVD redemption for folks who bought the Adventure Bundle - slipped past me in the rush to get the bundle out the door. I'll take care of this tomorrow morning for y'all.
  • Thanks! I bought the Monkey Island tales and The Great Adventure Bundle today! It's been awhile since i a bought a pc game with having a ps3 but I am excited due to the sentimental and nostalgic value of these amazing games! Since I have a limited amount of internet bandwidth where I live I would like to get any of the possible dvd's also.

    Can they be shipped in one package to save on shipping? Once you get it taken care of tomorrow, could you post instructions and/or a link to get the dvd redemption?

    Thanks for you time!

    p.s. You have instantly earned my respect for supporting the good causes with The Great Adventure Bundle!
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