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Absent: Part I - Innocent Until Proven Guilty (My AGS Game)

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Ok...drumroll please...

Ok, then.

[center]Absent: Part I - Innocent Until Proven Guilty[/center]

Absent is a story which follows the character of young-adult and college student, Murray Schull. He and his two best friends, Eve and Steve, attend a college in which students are disappearing daily. It’s up to them to find out how this is happening, why this is happening, protect their other friends, and to put a stop to it once and for all.

These series of events began when Crystal, a three month girlfriend of Murray’s friend, Steve, disappeared on her way home from college via mysterious means. Over the course of the investigation, however, Murray realises that what stole Steve’s girlfriend was not anything of this earth. Murray is haunted by visions, confronted with puzzles, with friends turning against each other, and all for one reason. The Reaper.

-A three part epic-story released in parts over three months.
-A point/click, easy to use interface.
-Approximately ten NPC's to interact with in this first episode alone.
-A completely original story with original art, music and characters created by...yours truly! ;)
-A game so varied, I flipped a three sided coin to choose it's genre!
-It's completely free!

Here's a couple of screencaps:

And a note...
This series is scheduled for a monthly release for each part, but expect this to vary slightly at times given the potential upcoming busy-ness of my schecule! :)

Download Absent 101: Innocent Until Proven Guilty for FREE:

Visit the game's AGS page HERE:

Have fun guys! I've been working on this episode, and bits and pieces of the other two, for the majority of the summer, so it feels good to finally have a game out there that I can call mine.



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