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UNOFFICIAL! Adventure Bundle repair files

posted by janwillem on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users

I posted on usenet some repair files for the adventure bundle exe files.

See My Documents\Telltale Games\Adventure Bundle for the files. Search on usenet for: (Jan Willem post repair files Telltale Adventure Bundle: filename_without_dot_exe) or extract the attached files for the newsgroup nzb files.
Jan Willem
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  • More nzb files
    for the sam and max files
  • the puzzle agent nzb file
  • Oh, just for your info, when you don't have downloaded the .exe files with the bundle program you can't use the nzb i posted. You realy need to have bought the bundle and download the files with that program!
  • so.. what this repairs exactly? i just bought the bundle and im tryin to make it work, so would be happy with more info about this repair thingie :)
  • Par2 is a way to repair/check files. To download these repair sets you have to have access to usenet (newsgroups). For more info see

    Sorry for the people without usenet but i didn't have another way to upload these files. I am not certain if i post enough blocks with this. I make a repair set for 10% of the files.

    Use the files attached to this reply to check how much blocks you need and download them accordingly.

    Just for your info, you realy have to download the normal .exe files from the bundle otherwise you don't have enough file to repair.
  • I don't understand, if these repair files work, why doesn't TellTalle make them available for download?
  • janwillem;381889 said:
    i didn't have another way to upload these files.
    Can you use mediafire or something like that?
  • Ok, i am uploading them now to mediafire,
    goto Bundle for the files
  • Ow and keep in mind you realy realy need to have the downloaded exe's on your hardrive otherwise it doesn't work ( i don't upload the exe's with the repair files! )

    First download and install Quickpar from for example:
    Goto Bundle and choose the directory of the file that is broken and download only the first .par2 file to My Documents\Telltale Games\Adventure Bundle, run this with quickpar (you need to download it from internet) and check with quickpar how many blocks you need and download that many blocks (not more!).

    If it says you need 200 blocks just download the file until number 200. Not more because bandwith is costly (and you don't need more file to repair the files with them)
  • @janwillem
    Thanks for this and for putting the files up to mediafire.

    First time I hear about QuickPar, which looks interesting. I went over to its site and read the tutorials, but am a bit puzzled.

    In the tutorial example, the repair requires 96 blocks. So they use two par2 files which make a sum of 113 blocks (one of 25 blocks and one of 88). That covers the needed 96 blocks.

    You said:
    If it says you need 200 blocks just download the file until number 200
    Do you mean the same thing?
    Let's take Penny Arcade Adventures for example. If the test shows that 9 blocks are needed, would that mean the 1block and 8blocks files are required? What if it says that 13 blocks are needed? Does that mean only the 13block file should be used or the 5blocks with the 8blocks files?

    I also noticed that there are files for the same number of blocks which have the same size but differ in name. Does it make any difference which files are combined to get the total number of blocks?

    I'm considering of trying this out as an ultimate attempt, but could use some help to avoid any unnecessary mess.

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