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Sam & Max: activation tabs are not displayed

posted by Agrippa on - last edited - Viewed by 421 users

Since I bought them, I haven't been able to unlock any episode of the first season. I tried to contact Telltale support three weeks ago, and just received an automated reply (issue-34683).
I posted on "The Great "I did not receive a response to my ticket" thread " one week ago, to no avail.

So, maybe someone here will be able to help me? Most of the launch menu is greyed-out and by fumbling in the bottom-right grayness, I am able to access the demo of episode 1 and the online activation menu, which is of little interest to me, since the computer on which it is installed has no internet connection.

Here is a screenshot of the aforesaid menu. Since I took it, for no apparent reason, the left part displays a picture of a Mr Bosco. Still, no menu options...
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  • No, clean-booting didn't work, and from what I've checked, Javascript is enabled.

    Also, when trying to launch Episodes 2 and 3, a window appears, "My Telltale - Unlock my game..." and there is the "take me to the demo..." part present (as for Episode 1, it's absent). Clicking it brings me to the greyed-out menu.
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    DjNDB Moderator
    I think that's out of my league. Also I'm leaving for the weekend now, so i can't try stuff with you for a while.

    Your best option is writing a PM to Seg, linking to this thread. He used to know a lot about these Wrappers.
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    When you open Internet Explorer, are there any toolbars or "browser helpers" that are also loaded up? AKA: Things that didn't come with Internet Explorer.
  • I doubt so. This computer has always been offline, so I never had to install any toolbar or plug-in for a web browser.
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    That doesn't mean some other piece of software installed something.

    A few more questions for you too:
    * Is the browser in "offline mode" when you launch it? If so, turn it off. I think it's under File -> Offline Mode
    * What exact version of Internet Explorer is installed? Go to Help -> About... for the version number.
  • It's not set in offline mode. The only toolbar I saw was Live Search, which was installed by default with the browser.

    The installed version is 8.0.6001.18702, but the problem was the same with Internet Explorer 6.

    Any idea why the green and white banner "My Telltale - Unlock my game" appears only with Episodes 2 and 3, but not with the first? Also, 2 and 3 do not display a picture in the left part of the menu, Episode 1 does.
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    I know this is going to be weird, but can you try disconnecting the internet completely from the computer, then starting up the game? If you get the rest of the UI to show up, plug the computer back in to the Internet and give it a go.
  • The computer has no modem, so I can't physically disconnect it if it's not connected. After all, that's why I intended to manually unlock the game.

    Or do you mean, shut down programs that may try to access Internet? Could it be that it's been connected when it was back at the shop for repair and some parameters have gone wild?
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    Ah, I didn't understand completely. For some reason, the computer still thinks it's connected to the Internet, but obviously it's not. Very perplexing.

    Instead of going though a host of questions, I'm going to ask for the MSInfo file. This is a file your computer can generate which will let me see what else could be the problem.

    Please EMAIL this file to seg || at --

    1) Click on "Start" -> "Run..."
    2) Type in the following: msinfo32
    3) Click "OK". This will launch the System Information program.
    4) Click on "File" -> "Save..."
    5) Save this file with your name to your desktop or other folder you can access later.
    6) Close the "System Information" program.
    7) E-mail this file to me.
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    This was handled via e-mail.
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