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Rate the Last Game You Finished

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Title says it all. Rate the last video game you completed.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - 9.5/10
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  • VVVVVV-9/10
    Best platformer I've played in a very long time.Only problem is that a dedicated gamer can beat it in 2-3 hours, but it was only $5
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - 9/10.

    Great adventure game. Few puzzles were a bit boring, but I enjoyed the game.
  • FINALLY! I have finished Sam and Max: Hit the Road. My verdict? IT'S BLEEDIN' AWESOME!! So, yeah. 10/10.

    Even the credits are cool. :P
  • Bioshock 2 (I'm a little behind on the times). 9/10.

    Not quite as good as the first one, but in comparison, the game doesn't turn into a complete slog after the 'twist'. The moral choice system is vastly improved, the plot is interesting (even if some of the themes did go rather over my head), the combat is just as brilliant and exciting, the research system pretty much forces you to use different weapons (that's a positive, by the way), the characters are engaging, the plasmids are great fun, the levels are interesting (even if I can't see how they connected with the ones from the original) and the ending (the good one, 'cause I'm a sap) came close to making me shed a tear. Not quite all the way, but close.

    So yeah, it was all right.
  • Knights of the Old Republic 10/10 Lightsabres

    This game is a lot of fun and very addicting and should be played by every Star Wars Fan. This was my second playthrough and this time I chose the light side which made a lot less sense than playing a dark side character like I did in my first playthrough.
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    great story, very funny, surprising ending
  • 5 Daysa Skeptic-10/10

    Good plot, likeable characters,and a legitimately creepy bad guy. Download it ASAP!
  • Just Cause 2 (360) - 7/10

    Fun, enjoyable game play in a very large world but with a lot of things you can do that you get no real reward for doing them - like find 300 collectables which, at least, are marked on the map. The actual missions are mostly fun (and at times utterly ridiculous, like the very last mission!) though a few repeat the same ideas, such as get person to a location in one piece with a few variations on how to get the person in question. Still, got 60 hours of game time over the month I've played it so you can't say you don't get value for money!
  • Professor Layton and the Unwound Future: I just finished it about half an hour ago. Amazing stuff - great puzzles, lovely art, brilliant story. It might just be me, but I found the puzzles easier than in previous games, but that doesn't detract. 9/10
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