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season 3 thropys and toys pc

posted by gilau on - last edited - Viewed by 404 users
Im just wandering, thers a lot of people on the forums talking of how to get thropys and some toys as the NutriSpecs, I have played the game like 3 times, some episodes even 4 times, xD, and i got nothing, so my question is, are the thopys and other toys able on the pc game? :.
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  • Nope, they are only available on the PS3 version. There was talk about the NutriSpecs eventually being on the PC version, however, nothing else has been said about it.
  • owwwwwwww, that sucks, even when i was expecting that answer i was having some hopes xD still bad news :( well thanks a lot for answering.:) Naw i can stop plaing again and again the episodes waiting for somthing new to happend, thats raigth you return me my freedom xD, at last i expect the wii version, if its going to be one, have thous toys and trophys.
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