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lame humour?

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Now, I really like sam and max, i love the games, but most of the jokes are just really lame. I laugh at some of em, but not all, is every1 like this?
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  • I think most of the time the jokes are hilarious. Some are not funny at all.
  • Ashton;384639 said:
    So is watching paint dry... :( TV has gone so far downhill over the last decade
    Possibly true. Still, it can be said the same about the movie industry.

    Even if you don't compare it to anything else, Sam and Max simply deliver.
  • Sometimes I hear a line that sounds like it was meant to be funny, but had no effect on me, which is slightly disappointing. Overall, though, I think the games are hilarious. Didn't season one call itself "gaming's first sitcom?"
  • One distracting thing about S3 jokes is that sometimes two very similar jokes fire within a short time. For example, during the "Noir" sequence in 303, Sam uses the footwear metaphor, only for the other character to point out that Sam (or the character himself) wears no shoes/socks. I suppose Telltale is thinking of the more casual gamers: even if they don't have the patient to try out all the options, at least they'll hear one joke. But for the more obsessive players who must hear everything, this sounds repetitive.

    OT: What is the "obvious joke" about Max and a pool table (305)? I don't get it.
  • Maybe some kind of Freud joke?
  • Sadly, I don't find many of the jokes funny. But it's not MY fault-I have aspergers, I shouldn't even HAVE a sense of humor, yet I just barely do.
  • Hatley;385006 said:
    Sadly, I don't find many of the jokes funny. But it's not MY fault-I have aspergers, I shouldn't even HAVE a sense of humor, yet I just barely do.
    I don't think I've ever met an autistic person without a sense of humour. I don't know why it's still considered a characteristic.

    Anyway, I have Asperger's Syndrome, and I've laughed out loud at the games more than once.
  • I think Sam and Max were in their best form in Season 2.
    The jokes were perfect, the situations were perfect and the puzzles were HARD!
    Somehow the jokes in Season 3 just don't seem too memorable...
  • Some jokes are funny to some people. Some jokes aren't funny to some people. Each humor based series will have a certain kind of humor that will appeal to certain people. It's completely natural for someone to enjoy one thing, but not the other while another person has the complete opposite tastes.

    For some people, Sam and Max will be completely funny, for others, Sam and Max is dull and void of humor. Some people will find some jokes funny, whilst others won't even catch the joke.

    Everyone is different, no two people are not on fire. You know.
  • 75% of the jokes from Sam & Max at least get a smile out of me, 10% fall flat on their face, and 15% make me properly laugh. Overall, S&M has great humour in most of it's writing. I do, however, personally prefer Monkey Island's humour.
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