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Nintendo 3DS

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Hi Guys

What do you think about the 3DS. Is it awesome or absolute rubbish.

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  • Plus you keep your vision afterwards.
    All the rumor and speculation can finally come to an end.

    During Nintendo's presentation in Japan today, the company announced the 3DS will go on sale in Japan on February 26, 2011. The unit will cost 25,000 yen ($300). The system will be available in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black.

    Nintendo did not provide a release date or price for European and North American territories, but stated those plans will be announced later through Nintendo's overseas branches.
    So yeah, a price that translates to $300, but according to some comments, the Yen price is always higher than the European/US pricing, so it's expected that in the US and Europe it will cost around the same as the DSi XL when it came out.

    Release date February 26.

    Now for the news that caused me to need a new pair of pants. It involves...a certain Megaman series on 3DS.

    Like I said. I NEED A NEW PAIR OF PANTS.
  • I want it, and I'm putting a 150 dollars down on it...and I'm thinking it's going to be 250..those are just my thoughts though.
  • damn I came in here thinking we were talking about software (3D Studio/MAX) oh well...

    last handheld I bought was GBC. I find there are better games on PC and they will usually run on my laptop (especially in the future when I get the $$$ together to get an i7 laptop) maybe I'm a snob, but I felt I outgrew portable game systems around 15 or so... (not counting WORMS on my phone, of course ;))

  • I don't think it's something i'll buy at launch. It depends if theres a "Trade in your DSi and get a 3DS for £100" offer or something, that counteracts the benefits of waiting. I got my DSi for £70 instead of £150 at laucnh that way.

    It also depends on the launch line-up. I only want Paper mario, Star fox, mario kart and Zelda. If none of those are available at launch, it will be atough sell.

    As for the GB Virtual console, it's a great idea (one that should have happened with the DSi), but the pricing has to be rightt. I'm not paying anymore than 800NP for a GBA game. And no sneakily changing the points value (Nintendo points bought on the wii cost £7 for 1000, whereas on th dsi they cost £9).And It needa to support WPA internet encryption, and prefferably have a unified account/transferable purchases.
  • Everyone seems to be intent in taking my money before I can buy a computer, I swear
  • This is the best console ever and it's not even out already.
  • Remolay;385407 said:
    Everyone seems to be intent in taking my money before I can buy a computer, I swear
    Well you know around christmas is the worst time to save money.
  • SunnyGuy;385420 said:
    This is the best console ever and it's not even out already.
    I don't know about that. Most of the games people are excited about are remakes!
  • Even so, they're remakes of great games, and not to mention

    -Kingdom Hearts
    -Resident Evil (2 of them)
    -Professor Layton
    -Kid Icarus
    -Paper Mario
    -Mario Kart
    -Obligatory Mario and Zelda games that you know will come out
    -Promise of even more games from SE
    -A Shin Megami Tensei game
    -A Persona game
    -Portable virtual console
    -MEGAMAN ****ing LEGENDS 3

    And that's before the thing even launches, and unless support for the console magically vanishes completely after it launches there is no way for it to go but up.

    Besides it's called hyperbole.
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