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Enter to Win the Poker Night at the Inventory Contest Here

posted by Alan Johnson on - last edited - Viewed by 8.3K users
This fall, we’re releasing Poker Night at the Inventory, a look at what Team Fortress 2’s Heavy, Penny-Arcade’s Tycho, and Strong Bad and Max of Telltale Games fame are up to after they clock out for the night. For this contest, incorporate the provided character images from the game into a non-poker related scene with the magic of Photoshop (or other editing software) then title it and post it in the contest thread HERE. During the Make a Scene with Telltale panel at PAX this year we tossed up some ‘prospective’ titles for Poker Night at the Inventory including Tax Returns at the Inventory and Badminton at the Inventory – use those as inspiration for your own scenes. I, along with input from the Telltale Team, will pick our five favorites at the end of the contest so be creative.

Now for the nitty-gritty about the contest. First, the prizes; each of the five winners will receive codes for the PC/Mac versions of Puzzle Agent and Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse. You have until 11:00 AM (Pacific Time) Monday, September 27 to post your entry in the thread - you can post up to three entries, but only win for one of them. If you were a winner in the last contest (PAX DeLorean) you can’t win this one (why would you, the prizes are the same), but show us your stuff anyway! Good luck!

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    Jennifer Moderator
    Congratulations everyone! There were some really, really good ones in here this time. :)

    I can't wait to see what kind of art the next competition inspires. :)
    Serec;383224 said:
    lOh, and that Futurama one should totally win, solely for the Zoidberg/Strongbad mash-up. XD
    Thanks. :D The Zoidberg Strong Bad one was the most fun to make. :) I tried to base the character mashups on the character's personalities. Max was Bender because he mentioned he'd love to have a robot body. :) Strong Bad was Zoidberg because in the Strong Bad email animal he mentioned he'd like to have claws and tentacles (and because I'm sure he'd think he looked awesome that way ;)). Tycho was Professor Farnsworth because of his tirades that end in tales of mass destruction.

    I never played Team Fortress 2, so I have no idea what the Heavy's personality is like. I just made him the Hyperchicken purely for giggles. :D
  • Congrats to the winners, you guys seriously deserved it.
  • ok so it ends you forgot mine

    tittle: sonic the hedgehog 3d at the invertory


    and oh the heavy is eating some chilli dogs and Sandvich.......................................................don't even ask
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    someone should do ladies night at the inventory
  • Varrok;384508 said:

    I'm surprised this didn't win, it really deserved some recognition and it was the best one here in my opinion.
  • My congratulations to winners!

    Hope to see new contests soon ;)
  • Thanks so much, Telltale, you guys Rock!

    Congratulations to other winners and to everyone else who entered. You guys are all awesome. A lot them were really hilarious and had me in stitches!

    As for mad photoshop skillz & wizardry, don't worry: concept, creativity & imagination trump knowledge of tools any day for lols!

    Will spread the word on the next contest, hopefully even more people & wacky entries pop up :)
  • Wow congrats, my favorite was telltale kart, im sure almost all of us think so do we?
  • Yeah, Telltale Kart was great. There were a lot of good entries. Congrats everyone! :D
  • Congrats to the winners!

    Happy that one of my favorites (Laundry Night at the Inventory) won.
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