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  • Trenchfoot;384861 said:
    Just the internet hates everything. If you ask a regular person on the street what they think of KOTCS or TPM they might say they liked them or not, but they never go to the extreme that the internet takes everything to.

    And I always find curious how the flaws people point out about the new movies are the same ones that the old ones had. For example, one of the first reviews of KOTCS mentioned that it was a long "mouse and cat chase", and curiously enough the other ones are not that far away, are they?

    Nerds just love to whine about everything because they've got nothing better to do.
    I also believe that KOTCS has several things in common with the other 3. Some times they directly took things from the others.
  • Yeah, people are usually saying stuff like "zomg, you can not survive falling from a waterfall x number of times, so the movie sux"

    So falling from a plane while a rubber boat infaltes and you hitting the snow covered mountain in Temple of Doom is fine???

    Only problems I had in KotCS are:
    - Aliens, excuse me Interdimensional beings
    - The bad greenscreen during the chase scene & monkey swinging
  • Shia LaBeouf.

    The guy could ruin even the greatest work of cinematic genius. His role in Crystal Skull is what makes Indiana Jones 4 unbearable. Everything else is simply classic Indiana Jones, really. Atomic fridge? Yeah, that would work in the original Indy films, because they weren't the serious and gritty action movies that people apparently remember them to be. But they didn't have or require the everyman character that is supposed to give the audience a grounding that allows them to identify with a story, you know, the character that ends up feeling incredibly annoying and unnecessary? And you know they're trying to bill him as "Young Indiana Jones", as a successor, and that just isn't going to fly. Yeah, Shia LaBeouf is starring in big action pictures these days, but he's no Harrison Ford and never could be.

    And by the way, aliens work incredibly well with the logic of the series moving ahead 10 years in terms of the schlock fiction upon which they're basing the feel of the film. Aliens work because we've jumped ahead enough that aliens were a major factor in entertainment, specifically the sort of serial entertainment from which Indiana Jones gets its flavor.
  • I guess this means Ron will no longer be the "Visiting Professor of Monkeyology". :D
  • This is exciting news but I can't get too excited if they aren't making any straight adventure games. Most of the games they've made since leaving LucasArts have been well-written, though usually contain dumbed down gameplay that tries to balance action with rudimentary adventure gaming aspects and end up getting neither right. However, I'll try to keep an open mind until they reveal what they're actually up to.
  • I'm expecting to see The Miscreants of Onky Island and Onky Island 2: LaDuck's Revenge, and then Ron's Onky Island 3: The Miscreants Revealed.

    The main character would be Girlpen Fourpstone
  • Am I the only one who's disappointed with both Ron's AND Tim's latest projects (Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, DeathSpank) which are only good (well, great, actually) in terms of visual/audio design and stories (well... the latter one is concerning Psychonauts only) and are just plain boring as games? Truth be told, I don't expect much from this collaboration.
  • Psychonauts was great, Brütal Legend was decent, and Deathspank was fun.

    None of them excelled at gameplay to be honest, but the overall package made them worth it. Gameplay in Grim Fandango was suspect at times, and it suffered from bad controls (worse than EMI, actually, since EMI was an improved version), but that didn't stop it from being one of the greatest adventure games ever.

    It would be great to have spectacular gameplay as well, but seriously, how often do we get that nowadays anyway? Unique games with average gameplay is better than generic games with average gameplay.
  • StarEye;445202 said:
    Psychonauts was great ... and Deathspank was fun.
    I sure thought so.
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