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So, like... Minecraft, am I right? Discuss.
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  • you know, I've never played it.
  • I'd buy it, but I'd kinda like to have a life away from my computer.

    I did enjoy watching X's Adventures in Minecraft, though. Anyone who doesn't know what Minecraft is should check it out.
  • I played it almost constantly when I first bought it, but it was eating my life a bit. So now I play it less. I'm a bit shy about playing online too, so I don't do that much, except occasionally at school. I posted some anecdotes from the last time I did that on my Livejournal:

    Yesterday was the last day of term. Yay, one whole week of holidays. Amazing.

    Anyway, half the class didn't show up yesterday, as is traditional, and during the second half of the day just about everyone - or literally everyone, I'm not sure - played Minecraft. I don't think I've mentioned my love for Minecraft before, but it's awesome. I'm just a bit easily bored and not great at planning my constructions out beforehand.

    In fact my most planned out construction in my main save file came from a dream where I was making stuff in Minecraft. Apparently my subconscious is a better planner than I am.

    So we played multiplayer Minecraft on a server set up by the teacher, who I think is also a student who teaches the first years as part of his learning... thing. I don't know, overhearing things is the only way I ever find anything out. Too much speaking up triggers my anxiety and I need to be able to concentrate if I want to finish this course.

    Everyone on this server was an op, meaning they could use all the console commands, including the get item command. TNT is an item. Fire and lava are items. A lot of explosions and burning occurred. Also, this guy who sits near me, who I'll call A because I'm not comfortable with real names or screen names, somehow managed to blow up the spawn area, which isn't even supposed to be possible.

    The spawn area is where new players appear and where you go if you type /home. If you destroy blocks there, they immediately come back. And I think you can't place blocks unless you're an op or an admin. But I guess the server threw up its hands and decided it didn't care anymore, what with all the explosions going on everywhere. The first I knew about it, I was trying to get back to the surface after trapping myself in a 64 block deep hole, typed /home, and suddenly ended up at the bottom of a deep pit. I had to teleport myself to get out. The first A knew that the strangely difficult to explode area that he'd blown up was the spawn area was me telling him that someone had blown up the spawn area.

    After that either the server crashed from all the explosions, or it was taken down because it was running so slowly from all the explosions. I was going to do my assignment, but I noticed that some people were playing on a different server, so I asked A the IP of the server they were on, and set out to wander around aimlessly and get in the way.

    A bunch of people on the server were trying to build a castle out of TNT so that they could watch it blow up, which was pretty cool. A was building a tunnel underneath, which he then filled with TNT as a fuse. He asked me if I was able to place blocks near the castle, because he'd tried to connect his fuse to the castle and couldn't. I wasn't sure, so I went to check.

    In Minecraft, the only way to get rid most if blocks, other than blowing them up, is to hold down the destroy button until they disappear. Just pressing it won't work. As soon as the block you're hitting is destroyed, you will begin hitting the next block that the game determines is in front of you, and this continues until there are no more blocks in front of you. To activate TNT, you just press the destroy button once to hit it.

    Completely aware of this, I decided that the best place to test the if I could place blocks on the TNT was right on top of it. I placed a block of sand, noted that I could do it, and decided that it was unsightly and that I should get rid of it. It was smaller than I was and I was standing on a floor made of TNT. Surprisingly, I held the destroy button down for exactly the right amount of time and nothing exploded.

    Then I decided to do it again, in a slightly different that was still right on top of the castle. Again I could place the block, but this time I was a bit sloppier in getting rid of it, and stuff blew up.

    But the game couldn't handle so many explosions at once, and crashed before it had the chance to tell the server about my utter stupidity. So the castle was fine, and nobody made any attempts on my life.

    But then the teacher came over to A's computer and started messing with the fuse, joking that he'd do it and that he was a man on the edge. Then... I guess he did it, because stuff exploded properly this time. Then everyone's games crashed, though the server stayed up. I think half an hour later, it was still working on blowing up the castle.

    The teacher put his new server up, and decided not to give everyone the power to create TNT and fire out of nothing. But smelting wasn't working, meaning that you can't smelt iron ore into iron, gold ore into gold, diamond ore into diamond, or sand into glass. So he ended up giving me iron when I needed an iron pick, and then water when I wanted a waterfall outside my house and found out that buckets didn't work properly either. Then he accidentally gave me lava first, and I wanted glass so I could put the lava in a two block deep pit, cover it with glass, and have the most awesome inground lamp ever... Anyway, he just ended up opping me so I could do it myself.

    With my new superpowers, I chose to make a heated swimming pool, by putting more lava under glass and covering the glass with water. The only other things I had in my house at the time were a crafting block, a furnace that didn't work, and a hole to the centre of the earth, so it was a bit bare.

    I actually got the pool half done before I had to go home. I don't think most swimming pool installers get set on fire as often as I did. Good thing there was that waterfall right outside my house.
  • Played about 5 min on my macbook (my desktop for some reason kept throwing a graphics card error) and gave up due to the PITA controls using a touchpad + keyboard.

    Also you all missed the free time a week or so ago when something happened to the server, so the dev opened it up for free play.

    If I were free I'd try it again on my desktop or find a compatible mouse for my laptop, it sounds like it could be fun but right now... meh... not gonna pay for it...
  • My friend seems really hooked on this. His computer is currently the worst of the worst so he only uses the free version. He'll keep coming up with new ideas for if he bought it, but then say he doesn't know if he will buy it when he gets a new computer. I recon he probably will though.

    On his request I looked it up. I can't say I get the fascination!
  • image

    Took me about three days.
  • I've been watching X's videos, and I MUST GET THIS GAME. Sadly, I only have $12 on my cash card until October 1st, which is only a few days away, but still.:(
  • I played the free version for all of five minutes. I was building a glass pyramid when I accidentally deleted a block of dirt and fell into a small cave underneath. Suddenly my glass pyramid had a bonus tomb! Then I immediately bought the full version. :D

    Right now I have a cute little lake house with a huge lighthouse not too far away. I haven't played in a while though because I killed myself while pouring lava into the lighthouse light and I just can't be bothered to make the trek all the way from my spawn point back to my lake house.
  • This game doesn't happen to be on Steam, does it?
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