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Sailor Moon Reference? 305 - Potential spoiler

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Potential Spoiler - When you gain control of max's arms and legs in 305, he spins and does a pose. It seems a lot like the Sailor Moon transformation sequences.. Did anyone else think that?

Here's a video of one
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  • I thought it was a Japanese/Anime in general reference.
  • I loved the sailor moon pose! Sailor Max!
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I think it was Jessica (she animated the scene) who came up with the idea of it being Sailor Moon inspired. It was originally written as a more action anime/Voltron pose in the script, but we already had so much stuff with the angular radio screens flying in and out and stuff, that when doing a goofy/sassy Sailor Moon style "salute" pose came up, there was no question.
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    bubbledncr Telltale Alumni
    So here's how it went: I had "max monster anime pose" assigned to me, so I went up to Nick, who was putting together that sequence, and asked, "do you want like, power rangers or sailor moon?" and he liked the idea of sailor moon, but said I should ask Jake. So I went to ask Jake, who was all, "sailor moon?" At which point, Robert pops his head up and is all, "OMG, make him do sailor moon!" and basically brought up that youtube video on the spot.

    So I went back to my desk, watched a bunch of Sailor Moon videos, and decided that one was the coolest. I started animating that entire sequence (matching the timing and poses exactly), but it was gonna go way over budget, and I kind of thought someone would get upset if Max did a whole...30 second long transformation, so I cut it down to just the spin.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I don't know if we could have done that glitter overlay effect when he "transforms" anyway, so we would have had to resort to showing him nude which doesn't sit well with American audiences.
  • But Max is always naked! :D

    I have never watched Sailor Moon, and yet I knew it was an anime magical girl transformation sequence. I was all "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!"

  • That whole sequence caught me completely off guard. I just sat there staring at the screen in utter disbelief then laughed for nearly 5 minutes:D
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    Wow, the entire sequence would've been awesome! But this was still daaaaamn great!

    Keep up the good work!

    (Would love to see max in a sailor moon outfit sometime though :p, just dye those ears blonde :p)
  • crfh;384497 said:
    But Max is always naked! :D

    I have never watched Sailor Moon, and yet I knew it was an anime magical girl transformation sequence. I was all "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!!!"

    Megas xlr spoofed sailor moon pretty well as well (that cartoon had pretty similar humor to sam and max, but earthworm jim was a lot closer in retrospect).

    On topic that scene made me laugh My ass off, wonder what happened in


    other maxs timeline where sam was a giant electric monster, did they get eaten by him and control him going around the city? picturing a giant sam attacking a fudgecicle factory and pulling off a similar sailor moon joke but making sam carry on and making him dance like the samoncula near the end of 304 would've been funny.

  • yeah I saw that pose and immediately recognized it...
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