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Dominic Armato (Guybrush) is a Scorpio/Dragon!

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I know this because Armato was born on November 18, 1976. And here's info on his Scorpio/Dragon profile from the East-West Profile:

"Here is a creature that lives in excess. Scorpio/Dragons like to bite off more than they can chew. They are hugely ambitious and want to succeed at multiple things at once. Often they aren't able to get anything done; they become frustrated and give up. However, if our Scorpio/Dragon friend can focus on one pursuit they are able to go after it with such determination that they usually achieve it. They will fight [and] play games and politics to get where they need to go. The end justifies the means. The Scorpio/Dragon is also an individualist. They want to stand out from the crowd and are not above making others look bad in order to make it happen."

And here's also an East-West profile on the Leo/Dragon, simply because Earl Boen (LeChuck) was born on August 8, 1940 and has just celebrated his 70th birthday a week ago:

"Ah, the Leo/Dragon. At times they are the sweetest, most good-hearted, and caring people in the world. Other times they are so cocky and obnoxious that you probably will want to strangle them. But it's all stemmed from love. And that is the essential paradox one has when dealing with a Leo/Dragon; they are self-centered and obnoxious, but so nice and cute that you can't help but accept them and love them anyway. Leo/Dragons are self-confident. So self-confident about themselves that sometimes they make you doubt yourself. Leo/Dragons are quick, perceptive, and very persuasive. Deep down the Leo/Dragon has an immensely huge heart. They care deeply for their loved ones and are fiercely loyal. They want to help. And at the same time, they are embarrassed that they are so sensitive."

Kind of weird, wouldn't you say? :P
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  • Wow! I'm not the only Mickey Mouse birthday around here. :D
  • What's a Mickey Mouse Birthday?
  • November 18th is Mickey Mouse's official birthday.

    (This has been another useless fact.)
  • Also, Nikki Rapp (Morgan LeFlay) is a Virgo/Rat (b. September 4, 1972), and here's an East-West profile from the book I just bought, because the domain name on the link expired on September 18 (what a shame :( ):

    "Virgo/Rats are deliberate people. They take time to weigh out their options. They are not impulsive, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-type of people. They will not be pressured into decisions or situations either and know how to tell people to politely back off while they ponder their choices.

    Analytical and careful are two words that describe the Virgo/Rat well. They may sit quietly but everyone knows that there is something ticking away in the Virgo/Rat's brain. Still waters run deep for those born Virgo in Rat years.

    Virgo/Rats are independent too. Sometimes to a fault. They have taken such time to weigh out their options and pondered the different outcomes that when they make a decision they don't care to hear your ideas about it. They rely solely on their own judgment to make decisions.

    Virgo/Rats care deeply for their loved ones and friends. They will go out of their way to help and sometimes are a bit self-sacrificing in the process. If what you need happns to hamper the Virgo/Rat, well then, they usually cast off what they have wanted in order to help you out. If you betray a Virgo/Rat friend it will usually do them in for many gloomy days ahead. They have a hard time understanding how someone they have helped out or cared for could ever do them wrong.

    Love is often no different. Virgo/Rats often find themselves in relationships where they are being misused and mistreated. Love is all for the Virgo/Rat and it means a lot to them. Sacrificing themselves to it is no problem for the Virgo/Rat as they really want to be committed partners. And committed they are and will be.

    Compatibilities: Good partners for the Virgo/Rat are Taurus, Cancer, or Scorpio born in Monkey or Dragon years."

    "Scorpio born in Dragon years"? Like Dominic Armato? :D
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