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Star Wars in 3-D...

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Well, it seems George Lucas has jumped aboard the bandwagon and decided to release all of the six Star Wars films in 'eye-popping 3D'. Oh joy. I guess Mr. Lucas just sees this 3D gimmick as another chance to milk the Star Wars franchise even more in order to make some big dollars. I guess he sees no problem in making this brilliant series just another part of this mundane, stupid, idiotic, superficial fad that appeals more to people with the minds of 5-year-old's who will buy into pretty visuals, rather than something that appeals to actual movie-goers. Okay, I may have been a bit harsh there, and this whole thing may not be that much of a big deal, but hasn't George Lucas milked the Star Wars series enough? Heck, he's gotten to the point where he's no longer milking the series/franchise, he's now bleeding it for all that it's worth; all the drops of money that still remain in what some may consider a dead carcass. This obviously isn't evident to Lucas, his eyes are only focused on the money at the moment, and he's probably going to make a lot of it as he rides the wave of success of this stupid '3-D' fad.

Anyway, how do you feel about this?

By the way, I actually think that some of the milking is good. I personally really like the prequels, there are still some good Star Wars games being produced, and I actually enjoy the Clone Wars TV series in small doses. However, I do not like the whole merchandising side of things. I also dislike the manner in which the Star Wars franchise is being exploited, as comics, books, TV shows, games, movies, etc. are not being made with the intention of expanding the universe or building upon the canon, but rather being made with the sole intention of making money.
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