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Get Your Questions Answered By Back to the Future Co-Creator Bob Gale

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Bob Gale, screenwriter and co-creator of the Back to the Future film series, is working with us on our game and we want our fans to tell us what to ask him!

What do you want to know about his work with us on the game? Or anything else? The sky's the limit, so get to thinking of questions.

Post your questions in this thread from now until Sunday, October 10 and we'll pick a bunch of them and send them Mr. Gale's way. We can't promise that everyone will get their questions answered, but anyone that gets theirs answered will receive credit in the blog I post with the answers.
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  • I believe that Back to the Future IV movie was planned at one point. How tightly were you involved with the production and if you were are you going to use some of the material never realized in that project in this game?

    Thanks for doing this Mr. Gale, it's great to have one of my favourite films back in the form of my favourite gaming genre. I still think Back to the future I & II are the greatest blockbuster screenplays ever written and I've seen A LOT of films (currently working as a writer/screenwriter myself).

    Youso from Finland

    P.S. Next time you speak with Mr. Zemeckis, can you please beg him to start to direct live action films again.
  • Where does the game/season sit in relation to the movie series? Is it related to the time-frame of the movies in any way or could it be considered a completely different adventure with an "alternate" Marty and Doc?
  • did you find easy or hard to choose the actors for back to future charaters and what made them stand out,
    p.s can i be a voice over in the back to the future game lol

    cheers pete
  • What are are, according to you, the most important themes that a BTTF story needs? Besides to obvious stuff DeLorean, TimeTravel etc
  • Where did the idea come from? And how did you decide to pick the actors who came along-esp. Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. They look so amazingly young!
  • How did you feel about making 2 & 3 at the same and having them tie together (almost excessively in 2) as often as they did? If you could, would you try and pace the two apart to allow them to be two separate things?

    Also, who's decision was it to have Marty wear his iconic vest?
  • Ok, first off, Back to the Future is the single GREATEST movie trilogy of all time. I just watched them all this past weekend and I can't think of a single other trilogy that's this consistently good with each film.

    However, one part in BTTF Part II got me and a few others talking. I think I understood it, but an official answer would be cool.
    When Old Biff goes back to 1955 and changes the future to make himself a success, why does he return to the normal 2015 with Marty and Doc and not the one that he created? I assume it's both because it takes a minute or so for the future to completely change around him, and so that Marty and Doc are not stuck in 2015 and have a way to escape and continue the story.

    Great to see that you're involved with Telltale and this game, really REALLY can't wait to see what you guys come up with.
  • Hello Bob,

    Were you part of the driving force to get Talltale games involved in a Back to the Future game?

    I think it's an amazing collaboration.

    Thank you :)
  • What's the hardest part about re-visiting characters you haven't written for in over 20 years?
  • First of all, thank you. BTTF has to be my favourite movie trilogy, and can literally be watched time and again without ever tiring of it. Out of the 953 (yes, I have a list, so sue me) movies I own, these three are by far the ones that get the most airtime. /gush

    Ahem, on to my question: Will any of the original cast be voicing characters in-game? I can't really imagine BTTF without Doc Brown, Marty or Biff.
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