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Get Your Questions Answered By Back to the Future Co-Creator Bob Gale

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Bob Gale, screenwriter and co-creator of the Back to the Future film series, is working with us on our game and we want our fans to tell us what to ask him!

What do you want to know about his work with us on the game? Or anything else? The sky's the limit, so get to thinking of questions.

Post your questions in this thread from now until Sunday, October 10 and we'll pick a bunch of them and send them Mr. Gale's way. We can't promise that everyone will get their questions answered, but anyone that gets theirs answered will receive credit in the blog I post with the answers.
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  • While we probably can't have any details now, has the less restricted world of video games allowed you to revisit parts of the original stories that you really wanted to include but were unable at the time because of either monetary or physical restrictions? Basically, were there things that you really wanted to do back with the movies that for one reason or another could not happen (ie: because of technological restrictions, etc) that you now are getting to weave into the video game? And if so, will you give us some of the details after the video game comes out? (I realize no one wants the story spoiled for us now.)
  • A simple question, but out of the trilogy which was your favorite movie?
  • Words cannot describe the love I have for BTTF series. It's a cultural phenomenon, and will always be remembered as one of my favorites! My only regret about the release of the game is that I'm missing out in it's production. I wish I was there!

    When coming up with the Trilogy, was it planned as a series from the start, or was the "to be continued" thrown in at the last minute?

    Vake Xeacons
  • Your in a convenience store. You want to but some junkfood. In the convenience store is a dolphin, a giraffe, and a hobbit. What type of junkfood do you by?

  • These are the questions I had prepared last year to ask Bob Gale through another friend who was going to meet him at the George Lindsey UNA Film Festival (Alabama). So some of these questions may not be really relevant as the BTTF Game is coming out, but thought I will still post them if Bob is willing to answer them.

    Bob, most fans agree that there should not be a BTTF4 film without MJF, so these are just hypothetical scenarios.

    Question 1:
    During the mid 90s, there was rumours that you and Zemeckis were running ideas for BTTF4. Although no script written, did you both think in what direction the storyline would continue?

    Question 2:

    If things were different with MJF and studio was willing for a sequel. For the basic storyline of a new sequel, would it be a direct sequel tying to the events of the trilogy and to the timelines represented there or like a fresh start with new dates/timelines to deal with?

    Question 3:
    If given the opportunity will you be interested in penning a sequel to BTTF in the form of an ongoing comic series or perhaps a stand alone graphic novel? If not, will you be okay if someone else is hired to do the same?

    Question 4:
    Are you still planning to adapt your script "Jimbo's Stand" into a feature film? Any updates on that?

    Question 5:
    Besides your recent comic works, are there other comics you would be happy to write? Any particular title or characters you have in mind?

    Question 6:

    Do you still catch up with reading comics and which are your current favourites?

  • Soo.... please just answer this. I'm too overwhelmed to ask a question.
  • What were your influences both in comedy and drama when writing the series?
  • The game is going to be like ''animated drawings'' or like ''computer drawings''??? like,for example, Toy Story I mean
    And why don't you put again Back to the Future film in the SPAIN CINEMAS!!!!??? I WANT TO SEE IT!!!
  • Hi Mr Gale Would you ever make a back to the future 4 with a feamle as the lead i always thought it be cool to se emartys daughter have a time travel adventure of her own.
  • Well, I've been wanting to make an account for a while, and you've finally given me a good enough excuse to get around to it. My first post ever! :D

    Anyway, I've got a handful of questions for Mr. Gale.

    1. What was the idea behind having Michael J. Fox play Marlene McFly in BttF2?

    2. How does writing for a video game compare to a movie?

    3. Will any ideas you and Zemeckis thought of for the aborted BttF4 carry into this game?

    4. In your opinion, should the DeLorean be allowed to travel to other areas (such as how the animated series went to ancient Rome, 1600s Salem, and the like) or must BttF stay in Hill Valley at all times? This doesn't necessarily mean if we'd be leaving Hill Valley in the game or not, but if you think such a thing would be acceptable (be it in this game or any other potential future installments).

    5. 2015 probably won't look like it did in BttF2. (but we do have five more years to go!) Looking back, do you have any thoughts about the 2015 scene in general? If you could have one thing from BttF2 show up in the real 2015, what would it be? (Well, let's make that three things, since it's obvious the first two are an arcade version of Wild Gunman and the Cubs winning the World Series.)

    6. Were you familiar with Telltale at all before being attached to this game? Have you become familiar with their other work since? Favorite Telltale game besides BttF?
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