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Can I transfer standalone S&M3 saves to the Steam version?

posted by mjallemand on - last edited - Viewed by 140 users
I've got all of The Devil's Playhouse activated within Steam, but I played all the games via download from Telltale games' website.

I'm considering downloading them into Steam just to have them all in one simple area, but I was wondering if it was at all possible to transfer my saves over from the standalone downloads into the Steam versions?
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  • Both seem to save to the same folder, that is, as long as you don't have the uninstaller remove your save files(be careful, there's a checkbox for it when uninstalling), your Steam copies should use those save files without you having to do a thing.

    If it doesn't work automatically, simply copying the files over to where you Steam copy saves games will make them work 100% assuredly.
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