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  • Look at Telltale's official walkthrough.

    ... I could just say it here but I can't be stuffed.
  • I'm a little late i know, but to box jimmy, when he raises his left hand, dodge left and punch, when he raises his right hand, dodge right and punch. Kepp doing this and you'll win. Hope this helps. :D
  • I couldn't do this episode because of the record part. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THESE KINDS OF POETRY PUZZLES! How we are supposed to know the answers? The official walkthrough doesn't help at all on the how. It just gives away the answers.
  • Check out the 2nd message in this very thread. It has ever increasing steps of revealing the answer to the record/riddle question. It comes down to hunting for clues to get to know the demon a bit.
  • We are supposed to know the answers because they are pasted all around the room
  • Yes I see this walkthrough. This is an excellent walkthrough and 10 times better than the official one. Telltale should use/hire these kind of people. We need walkthoughs like this here. Where they give hints little by little and explain things.
  • I just finished this episode and the "last" puzzle was very satisfying. The ghost of Christmas future.

    I actually solved it by detective work. Normally you just take everything and try everything with everything until it works. No satisfaction there. I think the first 2 ghost of the Christmas was like this.

    But the last one I believe is possible only by detective work. I kept thinking and figuring things out and not once I tried anything with anything! I hear that Season 3 is more like this. That would be great.
  • Again, why on earth is this still stickied after all this time?
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