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Shipping info on S3 DVD, and what is the "Private" Freelance Police Dispatch thread?

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I dropped in to find out if the Season 3 DVD was shipping/arriving to anyone yet, and thought that maybe that mysterious thread would provide a hint, but it won't let me in. I don't know if I should be sad or insulted or neither...

Anyway I did order the DVD which supposedly ships this month and I was wondering if anyone has received it. Also as this is my first order of physically shipped merchandise, I was wondering does Telltale send a notice, with a tracking number if ordered via Priority Mail, when it is being shipped?

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I do search but am easily confused.

Thank you anyone for help on any of this. :)
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  • I was literally three seconds away from creating a thread asking almost this exact same question.

    On the store, all it says is that the DVD "ships in October," so I wanted to know if anyone out there has any idea about when in October. Personally, I haven't received any confirmation notice with tracking info or anything yet.

    Ands for the private forum? It's for people who pre-ordered The Devil's Playhouse months ago - they received a link in their confirmation email. I'd hoped that they'd make it open to the public after the season concluded, but so far it looks like they won't be. (Don't be insulted or anything, you're not alone. Feel free to be sad, though.)
  • Jake said on another post (the one about the movie posters, link) that the posters and dvd were nearly finished. So lets hope for a blog post sometime soon, possibly next week.
  • Thanks to you both for your swift, informative, and friendly replies.

    I will appreciate any further info that arrives on these topics, too. :)
  • I bougth the dvd to, and im still waiting, 8(, but if you order it, it will arraive for shure, we shuld be patient :)...not like a t-shirt of max that i bougth like a month ago, and not hear jet, sniff, but all my orders of telltle always arraived with out a problem, is more a thing of been patient. And yes you will have a confirmation on your mail of your mercancy been shipped when the time arraives.
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