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Ideas for dialouge

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Post your ideas for potential dialouge in the game.

Heavy loses to tycho
(Heavy points his finger like a gun at Tycho)
tycho: Oh please threatening me with your invisible gun is not -
Heavy: POW!
(Tycho's head explodes)
Strong Bad: I may be a bit in over my head with this...
Max: Do it again! Do it again!

Edit: A competition to decide on the best suggested dialouge is now in progress. Here's the rules

1. You can nominate up to two snippets.
2. You cannot nominate yourself.
3. the top 5-10 willl be put into a poll and the a winner will be decided by puplic vote.
4. Their is no tangible reward for this contest. It's just a bit of fun. But maybe if Telltale takes notice...

P.S. You can nominate my enteries. Just saying ;)
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  • strong bad: ok guys, let me just check my polish email, its sunday alright?

    heacy: fine

    max: whatever

    tycho: *snickers*

    strong bad: dear strong bad, how do u type with BOXING GLOVES ON!?!?!!?!?! FROM TYCHO!?!?!?!?!!?

    tycho:*breaks out in laughter*

    *strong bad reaches for sasha*
  • koiboi59;385265 said:
    strong bad: ok guys, let me just check my polish email, its sunday alright?

    heacy: fine

    max: whatever

    tycho: *snickers*

    strong bad: dear strong bad, how do u type with BOXING GLOVES ON!?!?!!?!?! FROM TYCHO!?!?!?!?!!?

    tycho:*breaks out in laughter*

    *strong bad reaches for sasha*
    It should be like this: (edits!)

    Strong Bad: Aw crap I forgot to check my e-mail before i left for this tournoment. You guys mind if I check it?

    Max: Eh, whatever

    Tycho: Sure. *Laughs*

    Heavy: YAH.

    *Strong Bad get his computer and drops it on the table.*

    Strong Bad: Doodley dodly doo checkin' mah e-mail while playing poker....
    Ah! Now lets see here....

    Dear Strong Bad,

    How do you type with boxing gloves on?

    from Tycho Somewhere USA.

    *Strong Bad starts to answer in his noram e-mail answering fashion....

    Well typo I can type with boxing gloves on because...
    Waita minute... TYCHO?!?

    Strong Bad: Oh you you're gonna get it now...

    Tycho laughs uncontrobly.

    Max: Here we go again.
  • Strong Bad: Hey, Max! I got another email that's for you.
    Max: Dear Max. Where do you keep your gun. Sincerely, Tycho.
    Tycho: (Laughs)
    Max: Hey, Heavy. Mind if I use Sasha for a second?
  • after characters lose, they should stay nearby and make fitting comments of what is going on and more.
  • Admittedly, this would have to be an end of the game cutscene. And really only if SB wins...

    Gabe: Okay, what are you doing?
    Tycho: I'm writing an angry e-mail regarding a travesty I witnessed last Poker Night.
    Gabe: An angry email. About poker. He's not gonna read it.
    Tycho: Oh, he'll have to...he has no choice.
    SB: Checkin' my e-mail, like all the bad boys dooooo! "Dear Strong Bad, **** you! I saw you hiding cards in those ****ing gloves of yours last week! Be forewarned, I will have my revenge next week! Sincerely, Tee-cho Braaye?" Listen, TEE-cho, I understand that this e-mail is...kcchhh! Oh, no, my computer is crashing. What will I do. Looks like I'll just have to skip the sbemail this week...Da Cheat! We need to work on our game!

    ~and scene!~

    Eh...not the best I've thought of...prolly better as a visual
  • (esrb appers)

    esrb voice: rated T TO M

    (telltale games logo appers)

    narrator: well all of these other games blow your mind away, well you never seen this togetor

    (the heavy, tycho, max, and strongbad are walking are the city)

    (homestar appers)

    homestar: hi strongbad

    strongbad: go away you moron

    homestar: ok but you know that a porker-

    tycho: whoa whoa wait a minute you say theres a porker night is tomoro night?

    homestar: yeah well long time ago

    (flash back at the marzapan's house)

    (homestar poper pops-up)

    homestar poper: i was in house reading the newspaper

    homestar poper: and then is their a porker nigth game thingy

    (back the the present of the future and the stop noise)


    homestar: yeah so

    tycho: where at?

    homestar: at that telltale ware house

    strongbad: ok lets do it

    the heavy: COUNT ME IN

    (back to the narrator)

    narrator: this fall, these together is gotta get, THE TELLTALE ALL-STAR

    (at the gameplays)

    (back to narrator)

    narrator: these will blow your mind only six episode

    (from the creators of SCG4AP, TEAM FORTRESS 2)

    (and the awards winnings TEXAS HOLD' EM)

    Narrator: be there at the TELLTALE ALL-STAR

    (TELLTALE ALL-STAR appers)

    (fall 2010 appers)

    ( appers)
    and oh i call that tittle a telltale allstar so clickhere
  • Ow ow ow ow owowowowow! It hurts my brain! Kill it with fire!
  • strong bad: aha, royal flush, give me my winnins suckas!

    tycho: wait a minute, what the **** is that yellow thing?

    the cheat: *the cheat noises, some bleeped out*

    strong bad: the cheat, quit talkin like a sailor.

    max: thats more then enough proof for me to see cheating. *takes out luger*

    heavy: *raises sasha*

    tycho: *turns fruit ****er on*

    strong bad: uh oh, things are about to get a whole lot more unfortunate, the cheat! Frappe now!

    the cheat: *affirmitive the cheat noises and presses button on the blender*

    *both are gone*

    heavy: huh

    max: what the hell?

    tycho: damn it! oh wait, the moron left his money on the table.

    *meanwhile at the house of the brothers strong*

    strong bad: AW CRAPSICLES!!!!! *kicks the cheat into strong sad with the chicken pox*
  • To be honest, if Tycho manages to call someone--anyone--a "chuwero", this game will be worth every penny of my $4.49.
  • We interrupt your regularly scheduled "Telltale Smash Bros." to bring you "Poker Night at the Inventory"!
    Max: Wait, what?
    Strong Bad: Aw man! I woulda creamed you guys.
    Tycho: I took a ninjitsu class for THIS?
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