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Did this game keep H*R from updating?

posted by RAnthonyMahan on - last edited - Viewed by 960 users
As you might know, hasn't had an update since April, and before that, it hadn't updated since November 2009.

Obviously, The Chaps have been involved with Poker Night at the Inventory, voicing Strong Bad and working on his lines. Is this game the sole reason for the lack of updates, or have there been some other factors? (While I could be wrong, I have a hard time believing a poker game, no matter how dialogue-heavy it is, would take this much time away from them.)

I've got to say, though, The Chaps have unintentionally pulled off the perfect marketing plan for this game. I was planning to get it no matter what, but after almost a year without regular updates I'm seriously willing to pay for new Homestar Runner content. :rolleyes:
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