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Songs that remind you of the Monkey Island series

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So what are your songs that remind you of the Monkey Island series? Me, I'm going with "She's Like Heroin" by System Of A Down, because some lyrics remind me of Elaine's craziness in the courthouse and elsewhere in ToMI Chapter 4, and of Guybrush being forced to wear a dress so he can come to Elaine's party (and probably charm her) in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. :D
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  • How about Amy Lee's cover of "Sally's Song" from The Nightmare Before Christmas? Though the song describes Sally's feelings for Jack Skellington and her fears that disaster will happen through his mistake, the song may describe Elaine's feelings for Guybrush and how his mistakes may end up having him get killed like they did in Tales of Monkey Island, especially in Chapter 4.

    I sense there's something in the wind
    That feels like tragedy's at hand.
    And though I'd like to stand by him,
    Can't shake this feeling that we have.
    The worst is just around the bend.
    And does he notice
    My feelings for him?
    And will he see
    How much he means to me?
    I think it's not to be.

    What will become of my dear friend?
    Where will his actions lead us then?
    Oh, how I'd like to join the crowd
    In their enthusiastic cloud.
    Try as I may, it doesn't last.
    And will we ever
    End up together?

    And will we ever
    End up together?
    No, I think not.
    It's never to become,
    For I am not...the one.
  • That actually sounds like it would suit Morgan's situation more than Elaine's. That's just how I see it.
  • 311's version of The Cure's "Lovesong". It has that Carribbean island-y feel.
  • Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but...

    Pirates of the Saskatchewan by the Arrogant Worms
  • This one reminds me of "The Swordfight" from ToMI:
  • Virgin Black's instrumental "Weep For Me" kind of traces to Guybrush being hurt by LeChuck's Cutlass of Kaflu and then dying in Elaine's arms. I wondered why I didn't know what the instrumental's name was when it was played in Haggis' YouTube video of the incident almost a year back.
  • Trenchfoot;388074 said:
    This one reminds me of "The Swordfight" from ToMI:
    Funny how it's called "Morgan's ride", lol!
  • How about "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne? I think it kind of fits about how LeChuck acted friendly to Guybrush and Elaine from ToMI Chapter 2 all the way to Chapter 4, until LeChuck double-crossed them both and fatally stabbed Guybrush in the chest, which kind of fits the lyrics in the chorus: "And all this time you were pretending / So much for my happy ending."
  • It's more general-piratey than specifically MI, but I wanted to put in a plug for Alestorm (
  • I can hardly say it, but the ending of Michael Jackson's song "Thriller", narrated by Vincent Price, may fit the theme of Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4.

    Darkness falls across the land,
    The midnight hour is close at hand.
    Creatures crawl in search of blood
    To terrorize y'all's neighborhood.
    And whosoever shall be found
    Without the soul for getting down
    Must stand and face the hounds of hell
    And rot inside a corpse's shell.

    The foulest stench is in the air,
    The funk of 40,000 years,
    And grisly ghouls from every tomb
    Are closing in to seal your doom.
    And though you fight to stay alive,
    Your body starts to shiver;
    For no mere mortal can resist
    The evil of the Thriller.

    *evil cackle*
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