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Bone books

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There's been so much talk about having a 3rd bone game, (which may not actually be released), and not a whole lot about the BOOKS! Which book is your favorite? I have all of them including the prequel: Rose. Post A.S.A.P!!!
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  • at the high school library they have bone books they are awesome
  • Cinsev;182436 said:
    this series is one of my all time faves. its beautiful. i purchased the Bone one volume edition. TOTALLY worth every penny.
    i wuvs it too!

  • Jeff Smith is one talented guy to stay commited to one project for over a decade. And, to keep up the consistent quality from start to finish. Bone is easily of the best graphic novels I have ever had the pleasure to read. I have the One Voume edition and nearly all of the coloured books as well.

    I bloody love Bone! :D
  • Who can't WAIT to get Tall tales?! The prequel of Johnson bone in the valley??!!
  • I first got into Bone years and years ago when it ran in Disney Adventures, and it was the best comic to ever grace the pages of that magazine, in my opinion. I remember being seriously disappointed when it dissappeared. Time moved on, and I kinda forgot about it, until one day I went to the local bookstore and saw volume one on the shelf, and I was all like "BONE! YAY, BONE!" and my then boyfriend (now husband ^_^) looked at me oddly, cause he'd never heard of it. ^_^

    I bought the first volume, and he read it, then went online and bought the full black and white version. ^_^

    And I continued to get the full colour editions as they came out, and now we've got everything Bone we could get our hands on. Hell, even found a 22" plush of Fone at the anime convention we went to this summer.

    Bone rules all. ^_^ Hail to Jeff Smith.

    Just felt like throwing that out there. I should totally try the Telltale games now. ^_^
  • Skylark Starflower;352453 said:
    I bought the first volume, and he read it, then went online and bought the full black and white version. ^_^
    I have that one too! It's a tale of epic proportions... it's the War & Peace of comics! Great read :)
  • I read the whole thing. BEST. COMIC. EVER.
  • Never got a chance to read it full but had a look in friend's home. It's ofcourse a masterpiece worth buying.
  • I forgot to say this earlier, but i got Tall tales a few month ago, and i have to say, it is GREAT!!! I love the set-up, the characters and story! If you haven't read this next book, DO SO RIGHT AWAY!!!!
  • You know those Scholastic book order forms they'd give out at school? One had like the entire Bone library for sale. I wanted it, but I basically just forgot about it and ended up not buying it. Needless to say, I felt stupid.
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