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Soundtracks - Bonus Tracks Question

posted by perspexorange on - last edited - Viewed by 138 users
Hello - Hope someone can help.

I've just ordered the 1st and 2nd season soundtracks (after being really impressed that my 1st and 2nd season DVDs arrived in the UK after only 2 weeks :-) - Thanks Telltale!!).

I was wondering whether the following was included on these:

1) The 2 versions of the Mariachi track that were part of the 'Timecard' puzzle that users were involved with.

2) The tracks on the Friendly Demon mini-CD (including the secret chant) that came with the Season 2 case file.

If not, are these available elsewhere. I'd love to hear them.

I really wish I'd got into Sam & Max much earlier - I seem to have missed all sorts of cool stuff (Surfin' hardcover, The Age Of S&M, The Effigy Mound, both season case files, the timecards puzzle etc.). :-(

Many thanks for any any help.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    I believe the Mariachi tracks were exclusive to that puzzle because they were goofy. They only exist in MP3 form. The standard full Mariachi Song is on the Season Two soundtrack of course.

    The tracks on the Friendly Demon Song CD are all on the soundtracks. The ones on the soundtracks are very crisp master recordings, while the ones on the Friendly Demon Song CD were processed to sound like they were on an old record.

    The demonic chanting in the secret track is reasonably unique to the Friendly Demon Song CD, but that chanting is derived from music in Season Two, so you can hear it as elements in some tracks (including the volcano/hell track in Ice Station Santa, and many of the cutscene suites).
  • Many thanks for the info, Jake.

    Although these tracks are on the soundtrack CDs in superior versions, it would be nice to hear these other versions, especially the Mariachi tracks and the chant.

    All the best.
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