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Question about Season One case file

posted by Javi-Wan Kenobi on - last edited - Viewed by 397 users
When I joined the Telltale comunity, either season one case file had already ran out, or I didn't noticed it.
If Telltale wants to make me very happy (and get some of my money), they can relaunch it (maybe taking advantage of the launch of Season Three case file?).
In any case, I'm just curious: What was inside that season case file? I'm searching old threads on the forum, but the links to the store information don't work aymore, and the images are lost (with the Great Image Loss that also affected some of "Your Games" page icons, the Bone soundtrack covers, etc..., I suposse), and I don't find a complete list of items, just loose references to some items.
It had any special item like the time card from season two case file (they were six of them, you had to buy AT LEAST six separated case files to have the whole set)?
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  • Here's a list of the items in the case file (+ pictures):

    Also, I don't think telltale will re-release the case file for season one, but if they do, I too would buy it!
  • If anyone wants, I can probably get a pretty high quality scan of the Love Triangle Times. By, you know, scanning it.

    Oh, and yeah, it was definitely out by the time you joined, Javi.
  • I wish they would re-release it because I missed it by a long shot. All I really want is the Max pin, though.
  • Yeah, it's pretty frustrating hearing about this awesome piece of merch that I had absolutely no opportunity to get, seeing as I didn't know or care about it until long after it was gone.

    It's even more frustrating that I could've gotten the season two case file, but I held off because I was going to pick it up with my Devil's Playhouse DVD, then it got yanked from the store in the same update as the DVD being put up for pre-order.
  • If you want Telltale to rerelease the season one case file or the season two case file say aye! I never got the chance to buy the season one case file.
  • Nay! I'm still waiting for my Season One case file and Season Two case files to increase enough in value to earn me a small fortune in gold!
  • Rather Dashing;384437 said:
    Nay! I'm still waiting for my Season One case file and Season Two case files to increase enough in value to earn me a small fortune in gold!
    I'll give ya a sack of barley and a half-dead goat for the Season One case file right now!
  • If anyone still has a season one case file they are willing to give up for some cash, I will buy it from you.:cool: Send me a message if you are interested in selling it to me!
  • If someone has a case file(season 1 OR 2), I have a free episode and 1$ off codes from the TOMI treasure hunt I'm willing to part with, just send me a PM. (Doubt it will happen, but worth a shot.)
  • I also didn't find out about the Case Files until it was too late and would love the opportunity to purchase it. It would be so awesome if Telltale brought it back.
    The Season 2 Case File, by the way, is still in the store; its page is here. I bought mine a couple days ago and got it today, and seeing the contents further cemented my desire to own it for Season 1 as well. :)
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