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Cheapest boss characters

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Every gamer under the sun has faced a boss characeter in a game that just fights so f***ing dirty that it sends them into a altered state of mind.... a state of mind know as gamer rage (see also: throwing controllers, shouting obscenities, biting the heads off of orphened baby chipmunks). What I want to know is what boss character (Mini-bosses count too) has sent you furthest down that path & what the craziest thing that a boss fight has made you do or say (censor it with *'s if it is super bad.... no need to corrupt the children).
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  • Unless you're REALLY good at those match-3 games,some of the bosses in Puzzle Quest can be really annoying.
  • Every single boss in Project Altered Beast, takes ages to learn the tactics and after that getting them right. But especially the Centipede boss at the top of the Elevator of Doom, I needed to beat him to get the Grizzly form to get all the extras. But in the end I gave up screaming and I have never touched the game since...
  • Most puzzle quest bosses just need the right spell/item choices and not superior Match-3 skills
  • Playing Doom 2 again, I am reminded of a great truth: Cyberdemons are assholes.

    And although it isn't a boss... Pain Elementals can go expletive themselves right up the expletive until their expletive explodes.
  • Not sure if this counts as a boss but the Rolling Stones set list on RB2 with Expert Drums. My legs and arms were killing me part way through.
  • Captain Mickey;382906 said:
    And Puppet Ganon in his third form in Wind Waker. Wouldn't give me enough time to take the arrow out and even when I did render him unconscious, he snapped out of it 3 seconds later and proceeded to BULLDOZE me into a corner and just keep ramming into me until all my fairies were done and I had no magic and arrows left. Jerk.
    My goodness that was hard. Fighting Ganon himself was easier then fighting that worm. Why does collecting wood give you magic?

    That spider coffin thing in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days was hell. You have to kill all those growing tentacle things (which move around every five seconds) and then you beat at the coffin in the middle, but you only have like ten seconds to do that, and it hardly effects his health at all. Then when you run out of time you have to repeat the process. My DS got a couple new scars that week.
  • Lu Bu from all Dynasty Warriors, because one does not persue Lu Bu.
  • The cheapest boss character (at least among those that are actually meant to be beatable) is [insert SNK fighting game boss here].

    Seriously, most bosses from the old SNK arcade games had at least one unblockable attack, standard attacks that would take off 1/4 of your life, no ducking animation so you couldn't tell if they were attacking low or high, and full counter priority over almost any other attack.

    Of particular note were Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, and the bosses of Last Blade 1 and Garou.
  • Garou? Kain and Grant are the least SNK Boss Syndrome-ish bosses SNK ever made on the Neogeo =/ Also, Koryu>>>>Kagami.

    Having just played NGBC half an hour ago, I'll have to give a special mention to Goodman. Dear lord, all of the other 3 bosses were bad already but at least they fealt beatable, I don't think I could've beaten Goodman without the 1/4th HP option.
  • SunnyGuy;390597 said:
    Garou? Kain and Grant are the least SNK Boss Syndrome-ish bosses SNK ever made on the Neogeo =/ Also, Koryu>>>>Kagami.
    I disagree :P Especially about Koryu > Kagami. Once you figure out his pattern (and it's really simple) you can easily beat Koryu without taking any damage. And in Garou, Grant is not hard, but Kain is super, super cheap with his counters and unavoidable supers on higher difficulties.
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