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If you had to pick one past character to return, who would it be?

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It was great having Guybrush, LeChuck, Elaine, the Voodoo Lady, Stan and even Murray back for Tales. But in the hypothetical Tales 2, if one extra character from Secret, Revenge, Curse or Escape could return, whom would you choose?

I chose Herman Toothrot, because he appeared in some way in all four original games, and he always makes me laugh. Getting Wally Wingert to do the voice would be important, he's made the role his own now as far as I'm concerned. ;)

As for Escape's ending and the revelations about his past, Telltale could always just gloss over it with a couple of lines like "How's being Governor of Melee Island?" "Oh, I quit. It was boring, so I let Timmy take over"

In the poll I've included every character who either appeared in more than one game, or had a major role in the game they were featured in.
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  • Wally!!
    Although, I'd also like to see Timmy back to hear what his intentions were when he threw Guybrush off that cliff at the end of EMI.
  • Mermaid;390911 said:
    [...]I'd also like to see Timmy back to hear what his intentions were when he threw Guybrush off that cliff at the end of EMI.
    Yeah, Morgan can be the translator!

    (as she mentioned in 'Lair of the Leviathan' that she speak a little monkey.)

    This would actually be a cool thing to expand upon in any future Monkey Island games, Morgan's ability to speak Monkey. She could interpret what the monkeys say! And perhaps it could even be turned into an in-game puzzle of some kind. Also, she could reveal to us what the Monkey Kombat insults actually translate to.

    Dunno, just a thought :).
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    If the "Tales" were to continue, existing story arcs would have to be picked up, so Morgan and Winslow would have to return. Apart from that, I'd really like TTG to be as careful with such cameos as they were in the "Tales". I don't want this to ever be a parade of previously known characters stuffed in for no good reason at all.

    Maybe Tales 2 could even be a Monkey Island without Stan - or LeChuck? I think it's well possible!
  • I agree, and in fact, I'd like to see LeChuck sit the next game out. I think bringing him back immediately would weaken the absolute menace he presented in the finale of RoTPG. Just my opinion though.
  • I also agree that LeChuck should be sidelined for the next Monkey Island game. I have voiced my reasons as to why about five or six times over in separate threads, so I won't do so again here. But the main reason is just so that the story doesn't become too repetitive in every game. And also, it would be nice to see a different main villain for a change.
  • hmmmmm, I think the characters carla and otis. hehe. I love having them back.
  • I'd personally go for the Barbary Trio. I think it would be cool if they joined Guybrush's crew. Granted, they did mutinied on Guybrush, but it wasn't because they didn't like him, but because they realized they wanted to be barbers more so then being pirates (at least that's how my train of thought works).

    And I agree with LeChuck sitting out on the next game. He's a great villain, but it would be a fresh breath of air to see another menace for Guybrush to deal with.
  • I also think that it would be nice to see LeChuck out of the spotlight in the next game. He's fantastic, but he's a little... er, incapacitated right now. While I have no doubt he's going to come back (like the Joker, I don't think Lechuck will ever die permanently), I think a new villain would be an interesting change. And we know Telltale can write good villains. Surely LeChuck isn't the only pirate menace running around...

    Here's a thought: it's not a character, exactly, but how about returning to Monkey Island itself? I would be all for that (especially if we get to see an abandoned, run-down Carnival of the Damned). It'd be interesting to see what happened to the Island in between Escape and Tales.
  • With a series of puzzles inside the derelict Carnival of The Damned perhaps? I would love that.
  • One of my favourite characters is Lemonhead. To see him in Monkey Island again would be fantastic! So, if you didn't just guess, I voted the Cannibals.
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