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ToMI Custom Launcher

posted by Darth Marsden on - last edited - Viewed by 802 users
I've posted about this in a different thread, but figured that I might as well give it its own one, so that people can find it quicker.

Basically, this is a custom launcher for the five episodes of Tale of Monkey Island. It's mostly here to save you having five different shortcuts in your start menu/on your desktop.

To use, simply place either version of the menu into your 'Tales of Monkey Island' folder. By default, this is 'C:\Program Files\Telltale Games\Tales of Monkey Island\", but if you're anything like me, you've probably just changed that to C:\Monkey Island\Tales of...".

Whichever it is, just shove it in the folder that has five sub-folders named after each episode. From there, simply run 'Tales of Monkey Island.exe'. If you like, you can create a shortcut of this file on the desktop (like me) or in the start menu. It's your call.

For the new, revised menu, look at the last post in the thread. This post originally had older versions of the menu, but it broked. Thanks, deleting files when no-one downloads them in three months. Bah! But yeah, scroll down if you want this.
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  • Thanks a lot! Great idea and saves having loads of icons on my taskbar.
  • will this work with the steam version?
    edit:the files are deleted
  • Could someone post screenshots please? I'm too lazy to download and try it out for myself. :]
  • xbskid;361448 said:
    Could someone post screenshots please? I'm too lazy to download and try it out for myself. :]
    didn't you read my post? The files are deleted.
  • mightypiratetm;361712 said:
    don't you read my post? The files are deleted.
    I am well within my rights as a human being to completely ignore your or anyone else's posts!
  • Don't worry, someone PM'd me. Let nobody say I am not prompt with my responses!

    Anyway, I looked at the program I had on my hard drive and thought "Need moar stuff!". So I tweaked it.

    It now has a proper ToMI icon (that's too small for you to make out, boo), a 'Quit Menu' button and, the feature I'm most proud of, it cycles between 5 different pieces of ToMI fan-art. Took me an hour to get working, but it was totally worth it.


    To use: Place in your "Tales of Monkey Island" folder (Say, C:\Monkey Island\Tales of Monkey Island) and run. I highly suggest that you make a shortcut to the program on your desktop, but that's entirely optional.


    NOTE: I've just realized that you won't get the text in that font unless you have that exact font installed. It's Queen Empress, and it's free, but you'll have to Google for it. If you don't have that font installed, I believe it defaults to Times New Roman, which is fine, but not as pirate-like.

    And to answer someone's question - I don't think it will work with the Steam versions, as I believe they're in different directories. If you can get me a list of where Steam installs the games, I'll tweak the menu for you. But really, you've got Steam - why would you need a custom menu?
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