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Are you a poor student?

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I mean I get by, and I'm not the worse but when it comes to certain classes I just don't pass them and focus on my other classes...

I know that isn't the right thing to do but I'm not really the best student. Like Spanish, I'm just sort of attending the classes I don't think I'm going to pass.

I'm really kind of being lazy and immature, irresponsible. I'm just not really a very good student.
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  • I also thought this thread was for students that were poor in the monetary sense, though I guess I was both! In retrospect, if I'd applied myself a bit better I could probably have gotten a first instead of a 2:1. I specifically did a joint honours degree in English Literature and Classical Civilizations so that I could avoid having to write a thesis (mandatory for a single honours degree) or having to take a language course (mandatory for single honours in Classical Civilizations) so yeah, my work ethic could have been better. Still, at least I got the damn degree and didn't have to move back in with my parents afterwards.

    ...though if I'd read as much Victorian literature then as I have now, I could have written an awesome thesis on mental illness/retardation in Dickens...
  • mgrant;390834 said:
    Latin can be useful depending on what you're doing
    Oh don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed all the Latin I've taken. I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with my major yet, but it's definitely improved my vocabulary and I've studied a lot of classical poetry (we're translating the Aeneid right now) that I probably wouldn't have otherwise. Plus, if I ever do want to learn a romantic-based language, it ought to help out.
  • Add me to the list of people who thought it was about money. I'm disappointed. I like talking about money and people keep avoiding the subject like you're talking about killing puppies, which is hardly the same since killing puppies pays so little.
    puzzlebox;389781 said:
    I rather enjoyed geography, and think it's a decent high school subject - it's fairly important to at least be aware of the wide world outside our own backyards.
    Especially for people like you and me who keep moving around, right?

    To answer the question at hand, I'm not sure! I'd say I probably are a rather poor student. I tend to feel extremely stupid. See, there are subjects I get, and there are subjects I don't get. But I'm unable to study for either. The extent of my studying has always been showing up for class and listening to the teacher. I was infamous in school for not doing the homework, or doing it in the hall right before class.
    My grades were either A or F (to adapt it to you guys), and my parents signed me up for remedial classes in several subjects, with little success.
    For my high school exams (that is, in 12th year) I decided to work hard to get better grades in my bigger problem, History.
    On the trial exam I took early on in the year, I got a 3 out of 20, which is a horrible, horrible grade. Not just a failing grade, but a "I gave you points for the ink" kind of grade. So I studied super hard the rest of the year, with friends. Because I knew I would never be able to pass the History essay portion of the exam, I learned all the maps by heart (the exam is divided into two, a History essay for 12 points, and a Geography map for 8).
    I still worked hard to improve on the essay, but I wasn't expecting to get most of my points from it.
    Anyway, long story short(er), in the end I got a 9/20. Tripled my grade, but still an F (divided into 8 for the map and 1 for the essay, for your information -_-').

    So yeah, I get stuff or I don't, but I don't even know how studying is done. I feel so stupid about that, it's like it escapes me completely.
  • Actually that sounds like my sort of academic pattern. I learn and fail the same way.
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Avistew;391429 said:
    I tend to feel extremely stupid. See, there are subjects I get, and there are subjects I don't get. But I'm unable to study for either. [...] I don't even know how studying is done. I feel so stupid about that, it's like it escapes me completely.
    See, you're obviously not stupid though, and it's not fair how school can make some people feel that way. Your "I don't even know how studying is done" comment in particular suggests that maybe you didn't have the right teachers and/or the right support you needed to improve.

    I know what you mean about some things just not "clicking". I had a real problem with physics, even though I was good at mathematics and good at the other branches of science. My brain just doesn't seem to work that way - it kind of threw me, because up to that point I'd pretty much breezed through everything at school.

    My older brother was brilliant at physics though. He was so patient helping me with my homework, explaining the concepts and stuff. My theory is that he sucked all the physics talent out of the womb before I got there. :p
  • I don't know, I guess I'm not stupid in the way that I'm good at some stuff, but I've always felt extremely bad for not studying.
    Sure, maybe I wasn't taught it right. I've also been told that I just never had to learn when the other kids did, because I struggled less with stuff. But I've always felt extremely bad for not working at things.
    It doesn't even feel good to get an A if you feel you didn't even pay attention to what you were doing. And it sucks to see people work hard and get less. It seems unfair. And I just feel lazy, too. I feel like I'm one of the rich kids who never had to work for their money, you know?

    I think it's only fair that I suck at some stuff. I've just reached a point where everything, whether I suck at it on not, requires studying. And I still don't know a thing about it. The problem is, if I don't get something, it doesn't matter how much you repeat it to me, I'm not going to start getting it.

    I can "work hard", but only with things I'm passionate about, things I actually enjoy. And even that, I'll slack off if it's convenient. I hate that. I'm surrounded by people who work so hard and I feel that it's not fair that I don't.

    Well, right now I'm not allowed to work or study (still the immigration thing) and it's been a while so all of that is multiplied. I know it's not my fault, I can't do it legally, I'm not allowed to, but I still feel terrible about it.

    I've been wanting to take classes to become a French tutor/teacher, because knowing a language is one thing, but knowing how to teach it is another. But I contacted a French distance course institute and never got an answer. (I recently figured, I'm not legally allowed to study in Canadian schools, but I might still be able to in French schools. But I can't fine many distance classes unfortunately :S)
  • I don't get it, you don't struggle, it's not something you have a hard time with, and yet you feel stupid when you fail to do it? How does that make any sense when it's your choice just to blow something off because it's too easy for you or bores you?

    I think there might be a hole in your perception there. You usually feel stupid, or inadequate because of your short comings or failures not because you're so very smart something actually begins to bore you...

    Why would you feel stupid?


    Of course you could simplify ,and say you feel stupid just because you get bored and blow things off that don't really interest you . But even still, it's a misleading way to put it when you claim to be some sort of whiz kid.

    Something just isn't coherent there...

    Maybe you're looking for undisciplined, irresponsible, unfocused, narrow minded ,something like that....

    Seems to be some sort of issue with you personally where you talk well of your self and then on the other hand attack yourself without real thought into it.
  • for me, yeah i used to cut classes to drink and spend my time outside school. But when it comes to exams, i do my best be pass and fortunate even if i am always outside, i manage to pass all my grades. :D
  • I feel stupid for not being able to study, not knowing how to, not knowing what to do. I just read up on stuff again and again and it makes no difference.

    I don't choose to blow anything. I just have things I'm good at, that I always had As for, and things I'm bad at, that I always had F for. I didn't study for either.
    Sometimes I did my homework ahead but it never made a difference, so I ended up doing it in just a few minutes between classes (not always before the class it was due for though, sometimes I did it after the class that handed it out too), but I wouldn't consider that a choice to blow things off either...

    I did have problems with things going too slowly though, now that you mention it. When I started studying Japanese, I took a condensed course for the first year in two month over the summer, so I could enter second year right away. I passed the first year no problem. But the second year, that was done in an actual year, was just too slow for me. And they didn't offer it in condensed form, either. Each class was once a week instead of once a day (and shorter as well) and from one week to the next I didn't remember the previous class as well so it caused problems. I ended up just dropping out, which was a shame.

    If I knew how to study, I would have been able to just make that memory last longer, or to refresh it or something. But I only work by attending the classes themselves, and I'm completely unable to "give myself a class" which is pretty much what studying is all about.

    I'm hoping the classes about how to teach other people will be able to help me teach myself as well, but because they're distant classes I'm nervous. I need someone explaining stuff to me, I need to be able to ask questions. I can't just read a bunch of text and get it if I don't feel a person behind it. So a forum/blog post is fine, but I can't focus on things like newspaper articles or school manuals. They're too neutral, cold and impersonal.
  • I'm in a degree that I struggle in. The thing is I'm going to struggle in a lot of things in life. It goes beyond my academic struggle. Art class, I do fine in.

    Though, I don't imagine I'd make a very good living off of paintings, drawings...
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