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magnet an goggles got a bit damages

posted by Bruno83 on - last edited - Viewed by 880 users
so, I've received my Sam and max bonus DVD and the case file,
I've already written about this in the sam and max series discussion forum, but I didn't get any answers to my questions, but was adviced to ask the question in here.
so here we go...
Bruno83;38774 said:

My arrived today!! Hurray!!
But sadly, I have to say, that the magnet, as well as the hypno goggles are a bit damaged, as they where lying next to the button in the case file.
It’s not so bad on the goggles, but Ted e bear’s got a not so good looking break in his face now…
I’m not sure, if I should send it back.
Would I have to pay for shipment again, if I do?
And do I have to send back the whole case file or is the magnet enough?
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  • Yeah, my poster print is a little warped in places and has a dent from the rubber band they put around it. The guys at the warehouse are obviously taking the prints out of the tubes and re-rolling them really tight with a rubber band for orders that have more then one item. The print should be fine once I get it framed though. I just think they should take better care, especially for delicate items
  • I have already requested that they NOT remove the posters from the tubes. We didn't know they were doing that (and it's a bit annoying to me, since we paid for those tubes and took the trouble to put the posters in them before sending them to the warehouse). Chris, I hope your print looks okay once it's framed.

    Regarding the magnet and goggles, if you can send me a PM with your address, I'll try to grab replacements and mail them to you. I'm not sure how many we have left but there should be a few.
  • My goggles have a bit of paint loss on the edges, sending little black flecs everywhere, making me think the stuff in the case file was "Eco-friendly recycled materials." It's ok, though. Wasn't too much, and it hasn't affected the feeling of the goggles. I think it perfectly portrays the hypnotised feeling when wearing them.
  • thanks Emily!
    I've already done that now
  • You're welcome. :)

    The black ink on the goggles was better on some pairs than on others. We didn't really have any control over that. Chalk it up to every case file being unique. :D (Also I found that you can color in the white spots with a Sharpie and it looks much better.)
  • my Max pin in that set went through the washing machine somehow and has rusted edges how do i get another?
  • PM me with your address and I can send you one. And next time don't put it through the wash. :D
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