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Monkey Island Caption Contest #28: The Wolf takes over!

posted by Silverwolfpet on - last edited - Viewed by 2.3K users
Hello there fellow fans!
(see what I did there? Eh? Ehhh? No? Nevermind)

From now on I shall organize this world-wide-known contest-thingy!
So, yeah... awesome. I'm awesome. Thank you.

And the winners are!! *drum roll*
Hayden;388194 said:


Guybrush: "But the bridge looks fi-..."
Troll: "Just shutup and do what the sign says!"
Guybrush: "*Gulp*, yes mam."
Troll: "..."
Polychrome;385098 said:


Winslow: Betcha can't hit that shark!

Guybrush: You're on!
Honorable mention:
Sarendor;384982 said:
Graham: May I help you, my good man?
Troll: None shall PAAAAAAAAAAAAA...
CONGRATULATIONS! The winners get a Cantlookaway!!

Here is the Cantlookaway!


Fascinating... erm, so,

The Hall of Fame:

Hayden x8 + 1 Glory Everlasting!
Secret Fawful x4
puzzlebox x4
Friar x4
SilverWolfPet x4 (oh look, it's me! I'm awesome today!)
StarEye x3 + 1 Glory Everlasting!
hplikelike x3
Edward VanHelgen x3
Thriftweed Fancy Pants x2
Jen Kollic x2
prizna x2
FitzoliverJ x2
GuruGuru214 x2
Polychrome x1
skitty85 x1
TomPravetz x1
Trenchfoot x1
MaxFan x1
Nosehair x1
CaptnDan x1
Hassat Hunter x1
Dadel x1
Some Manner Of... x1
Monkeybutton x1
Sailorcuteness x1
MonkeyMania x1
tabstis x1

(I should organize this alphabetically for next time)

Ooookay, and now, the new picture thingies! Muahahaha!



(didn't expect that, did you? :p)

Ready, get set, GO!
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