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Sam and Max deleted my Games

posted by Tomelyr on - last edited - Viewed by 216 users

i found some kind of bug:
I had installed Sam and Max into the wrong directory.
i wanted D:\Games\Sam and Max Season Two\
but i choose D:\Games\
No Problem i think: So i deinstalled the Game but after 15 Minutes Deinstalling i take note that he is deleting Left 4 Dead so i thought: "WTF??!?!?!?!?!?!"
as i see the deinstaller only delete the directory (i didn't know that Sam and Max haven't any Regesty entry. Thats why i used the deinstaller)
So i lost over 100 Gigabytes of Games (Miiror's Edge, Steam with over 20 Games, World of Warcraft Cataclysm Beta and many more).
So i'm now hardy pissed off and i hope Season two is great than Season one.
Thanks telltale for this GREAT end of my Birthday..

Greeting Tomelyr.
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  • That's your own fault for installing it in such a weird directory
  • That sucks, but it's really not that weird, or even Telltales' fault. Steam is VERY fragile. The other day L4D2 was installing the sacrifice and the power went out for a couple of seconds. BAM, Steam hosed. I'm still downloading games. :(

    Steam will let you download everything again with your username.

    But I have learned. I'm making back-ups of everything. :mad:
  • Flyingman356;392248 said:
    That's your own fault for installing it in such a weird directory
    That's not stupid at all, I often install games into D:\Games as many games will then run without reinstalling even if I had to reformat C: drive.

    It has annoyed me for years that most games when you select which directory to install into will create a subdirectory yet an annoying few do not, but do not warn you that they will not.

    Of course in this case its even worse, failing to create a subdirectory and then also failing to use a installation log to make sure you do not remove something preinstalled in that directory, a very silly move indeed.
  • woow thats sucks =(..... i have PS3 =) infamous 2 will be awesome XD
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