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Back to the future preorder

posted by _Journeyman_ on - last edited - Viewed by 483 users
Hi, i've pre-ordered back to the future, still it doesn't show up in the "Your games" section as expected (i've the order listed, which includes bttf, still i expected to have in grey-ish the list of episodes like i had previously during the preorder of tomi or s&m); it's your (strange) choice to not have them listed or it's a bug?
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  • Same thing here but I have the code for free Puzzle Agent so assume that all is good will wait until gets a little closer before I start worrying as telltale have never let me down before :D
  • You should see the season in your purchase history, but not your normal games list. Once we start announcing the individual episodes, those will show up on your My Telltale page as usual.
  • Thanks for the confirmation Rich C that was what I was guessing and as it was in my purchase history I wasn't concerned :)
  • A related question: How do I access the advertised "insider forum"? There is no corresponding link in my confirmation email.
  • You automatically get access to the insider forum when you buy. You should see it up there now, but if not trying logging out and logging back in.
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