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I thought I bought a bonus episode but got season 1

posted by denisebeck on - last edited - Viewed by 420 users
Hey, I bought the emailed offer of a Sam and Max bonus level but what I received was Season One on CD. I've already played the entire season one and just wanted the extra game level. Before I open the package and ruin my chances of getting my money back, can you please tell me if that bonus game is on this season one disc? If not, why was I sent Season One when I have already paid and played it through the online activation scheme?

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  • I'm not sure what this bonus level is that you speak of. As far as I know, there is know bonus content/levels/etc. Where did you hear about this?

    Did you purchase the free Season One DVD? All Season One buyers get the DVD free (minus shipping cost) as a special treat. Here it is in the store.
  • Hi Denise,

    There is no bonus game/level. The "bonus disc" contains all six episodes from Season One so you have a backup, plus a ton of video content that works when you put the DVD in your TV's DVD player. The full contents are listed on the page Guybrush linked to.

    We put this disc together for our Season One customers because we knew a lot of people wanted to have a backup copy even though they'd already played the downloadable versions. I'm sorry it's not what you expected. :(

    Since the disc was free to you as a Season One customer, there's no money for us to refund. (We can't refund shipping on orders that have already shipped.) I suggest you open it up and take a look at the video content, and if you decide you don't want the disc, you could trade it or sell it to recoup what you paid for shipping. FYI, GameBoomers has an active trading forum for adventure games here.
  • ...and reading descriptions of what you buy before actually clicking "checkout" helps too.
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