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Puzzle Agent impressions!

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Puzzle Agent is here!

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What is the mystery of Scoggins?

What the heck is going on Scoggins, Minnesota? When White House inquiries to the Scoggins Eraser Co. are answered only with curious puzzles, the U.S. Department of Puzzle Investigation's Nelson Tethers is sent on the case.

As the government's sole Puzzle Agent, Tethers has his hands full: the strange case of Scoggins plunges him into a mystery that will challenge every ounce of his expertise, and possibly his very wits too. Tethers must overcome brainteasers at every turn, including mazes, logic puzzles and riddles. He soon realizes that these - along with the clinically pre-occupied townspeople, secret societies, and mysterious sounds from the forest - are intimately connected to the core conundrum. And what's with the gnomes?


So you guys have been playing it a bit, I hope! What do you think? Let's talk Puzzle agent!
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  • Okay, just finished it and...

    I LOVED the atmosphere, the artwork, the gnomes, the soundeffects, the mysterious twin-peakish story, all of that. (Loved how gnomes would interrupt and disrupt puzzles - just brilliant!)

    I also love puzzles. I loved for example Pandora Directive (ah, the nostalgia) because it was full of puzzles, and more recently Safecracker, which actually was just a series of puzzles bound together by a flimsy excuse of a plot. :) I was very excited about the game exactly because of the puzzles.


    Most puzzles were too simple. I spent next to no time solving them. The few that had me baffled, it was more because of the rules than the puzzle itself. I thought some of the puzzle rules were not very clear. Take the elevator puzzle: It was not clear that all the elevators would move at the same time, following the same command, or even that they would move one square at a time. When I read "an elevator will stop when it hits a wall", I assumed it would keep following an "up" command until it found an obstacle. Maybe it was me, but there were a few other puzzles that could be clearer in their description in my opinion.

    Other puzzles, like the object arranging ones or the jigsaw-style ones, almost allowed you to cheat. Many objects clicked together while I was trying to rearrange them to have a better look at them! So what might have been an engaging puzzle almost solved itself.

    All in all, I would really really love to see a whole season of this game. (Did I tell you how much I loved the atmosphere and the artwork?) But I believe it needs some serious rethinking in the puzzle design department.
  • The game is great, really well spent at 10 USD, the music, the characters, everything, just a few comments, story + puzzles + ending = great game. Make a full season please.

    The room key puzzle was really hard for me, like really hard, had to check a walkthru only for that puzzle (only puzzle in the game that was that hard for me)

    There is way too much gum available, I ended with plenty surplus.

    I had to use real paper like crazy, we need some sort of drawing surface or something for it. I dont complain I love using paper for the puzzles.

    The game felt short, sort of linear. The puzzles that required to form a shape are definetly too easy with pieces snapping into each other.

    I really liked the setting, the world, the characters, everything, need more. This is the first time since the original Castle of Dr Brain that I love so much a puzzle game, but this one has an amazing story, but easier puzzles.
  • I'm really enjoying the atmosphere and humor, it's one of the best iPhone games I've played so far, and the puzzles are mostly pitched perfectly for my level of ingenuity ool. BUT - sometimes i find myself working out an answer which then proves to be incorrect not because of problems with my logic or working out, but because of the unclear wording of the instructions. I just flew into a rage upon finding that I'm only supposed to count the crows, not all the birds, in the Quorum of Crows puzzle. I was particularly enjoying that puzzle, too. The wording is not at all clear and caused me to fail the puzzle mutliple times, until i was forced to look for a walkthrough.

    Poor show.

  • Good game, liked it was a few hours of fun play time. Nice music, nice story (the nordic people really spoke to me ;)). Would love to see more episodes, only thing which dragged the experience down a bit was the interface on the ipod/iphone where the string drawing was hard to do since it didn't always draw the string and the fact that the quit and submit buttons sometimes where on top of the puzzle field causing you to press them accidentally.

    Over all a great game though :) 4/5
  • Thank you for give this game free in the BTTF pre-order. I didn't buy Puzzle Agent before because I wasn't sure about how exactly was the game. Now, I'll certainly buy every other chapter of Puzzle Agent you publish :)
  • Hated it.

    Yes, I solved all puzzles, that's not the reason.

    The story is boring, the insane number of puzzles annoying, the graphics horrid (yes, I know why, but that doesn't help the fact that it IS a major eye-sore) and the interface is just plain lousy.

    Nice music, one or two laughs, but that's it on the plus side.

    Good thing it came for free with the BTTF pre-order, otherwise I would've been very angry for the waste of money. :P
  • OnkelStuart;394858 said:
    the insane number of puzzles annoying
    May I ask why you're upset at the fact that a puzzle game has lots of puzzles?
  • OnkelStuart;394858 said:
    the graphics horrid (yes, I know why, but that doesn't help the fact that it IS a major eye-sore)
    Uhm, the graphics are fantastic. They match the art style of the cartoons perfectly. If you don't like the style, then there you go, but that doesn't mean the graphics are bad.
  • I got the game with BTTF (don't remember why I didn't jst buy it when it came out, I'm sure there was a reason) and have played it a little so far. Its certainly interesting and I think I would quite happily see more episodes of it. My only "complaint" so far is that having the pieces click together in the initial jigsaw puzzle guides you too much.

    Oh yeah and the first few puzzles don't really set you up for the room key puzzle (where I've stopped for the moment). Its like it goes from easy, fairly easy (does the snow bike turn on the square with the log or before it, does pass traffic lights mean go over them or simply near by) to hard (room key puzzle).
  • I also thought the feel of it was great. Made me think of the movie Fargo. The puzzles were very simple but they were pretty decent. I would do more of these episodes if they start to solve what happens to the foreman and develop some more characters. I wouldn't pay more than $4.95 for an episode though. These are no Monkey Island. But they are pleasant in their own way.
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