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No discount on ToMI Deluxe

posted by Brainiac on - last edited - Viewed by 206 users
I preordered ToMI but never ordered a physical copy. After it was revealed, I decided to go for the Deluxe Edition; however, for several reasons, I didn't manage to buy it before it went away. In any case, now that it's back and I can buy it, the store does not offer it to me at $15. The regular edition shows up as $0.00 with the special slipcover but the Deluxe Edition is always $49.95. Can anybody fix this?
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  • Two weeks and 200 views later...the store still isn't working properly. Is there any chance of getting this fixed sometime soon or should I just order now and email someone to get a $35 rebate?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    If I were you, I would e-mail Telltale BEFORE I ordered.
    Some people have mentioned that Telltale put games in their cart with the correct discount after contacting them at [email][/email].
  • If you add it to the cart, does it still show $50?
  • NeatNit;390061 said:
    If you add it to the cart, does it still show $50?
    Yep. It's $50 on the store page and in the cart.
  • I'm gonna bump this because I'm the same predicament. Never got around to order the dvd, but pre-ordered. Figured I'd get this and sam and max season 3 and wallance and grommit dvds all at once, only I can't get a discount for the deluxe version. I guess I don't really care that much for it, certainly not 50 extra dollars worth, but it would be nice if it could be fixed.
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