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Technical issue in S3 E5

posted by rtnlsltn on - last edited - Viewed by 226 users
When I'm in max's body and in the "Max's Inventory" section and touch the jumpercables, I turn into a robot vacuum and the game locks up, but the music is still playing and the max heads are still flying around... though Sam is stuck in one spot. Cant figure out how to get past this. I've reloaded multiple times.

Any fixes?
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  • You should be able to move as a robot vacuum cleaner. Maybe save and reload and see if that unlocks it. Try both WASD and click-and-drag forms of movement to see if it moves.
  • I tried those and no luck. I reloaded a 4th time and it eventually worked OK. Finished the episode.... It almost ended very sad and I would have been a tad upset :P. I hope there's a Season 4... Sam & Max will live on.
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