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Csi fatal conspiracy case 4

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I am not sure if there is a bug or not but i have two matching fibers that i cant match in the microscope?
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  • Didnt find the earing. Im thinking its in Veronica's room but without a warrant cant search there.
  • hm. any ideas what i couldve misseD?
  • Ok it might be you haven't cross referenced all your evidence yet.

    Make sure you check everything.

    Eventually once you have talked to Will and Veronica and show some evidence, Nick will have found the route the Vic took and then you will be directed to Manny's trailer.

    Things you may have missed from the house first time, the phone on the table, the photo in the book next to the tv, the hair on the pillow on the bed, and in the same room the cabinets near the sink down below is a cupboard you can open and find a bottle of medicine (remember to dust it town for prints also :P).
  • well i tried cross checking everything and i still cant talk to anyone about anything. im not quite as far along as your post though. so far ive talked to will in the interrogation room, collected evidennce from the car wash and car and just analyzed it. catherine tells me i havent exhausted the crime scene yet - the car wash has a checkmark so could i be missing something from the car?

    thanks in advance!
  • i figured it out! so stupid.. i just right click to get out of convos and i did that with my convo with will and that is what was holding me up.
  • I did the same thing blhj did. I didnt say to Veronica i was done talking to her. Im moving along again. Thanks everyone for the helping. :o)
  • i'm stuck in case 4...
    what did you do too get the intervjues with people?
    What did you collect in the car?
    the only person i can talk to is will but i don't have any too say to him.
    and brass want me to check out manny's home, but there's no icon for that.
    plz help me =)
  • when you have the right evidence, you should be able to talk to brass
    in the car, i collected the bag of drugs, syringe, gps, fingerprint on the holder, and the trace from the scratch on the back of the seat

    for will, i kept right clicking but you need to click the end circle and that, if i remember correctly, will let you search his apartment, manny's home will be given to you after that.

  • i want to know where the scratch is
  • is there something on the gps
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