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If you had to pick one past character to return, who would it be?

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It was great having Guybrush, LeChuck, Elaine, the Voodoo Lady, Stan and even Murray back for Tales. But in the hypothetical Tales 2, if one extra character from Secret, Revenge, Curse or Escape could return, whom would you choose?

I chose Herman Toothrot, because he appeared in some way in all four original games, and he always makes me laugh. Getting Wally Wingert to do the voice would be important, he's made the role his own now as far as I'm concerned. ;)

As for Escape's ending and the revelations about his past, Telltale could always just gloss over it with a couple of lines like "How's being Governor of Melee Island?" "Oh, I quit. It was boring, so I let Timmy take over"

In the poll I've included every character who either appeared in more than one game, or had a major role in the game they were featured in.
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  • I'd say Otis and Wally would be my top picks, but I'll go ahead and vote for Otis. I think he just has great potential for Tales 2.

    Also, regarding the whole reappearance of LeChuck thing that was being discussed last page, I think it'd be great if the secondary villain in the next season was a follower of LeChuck trying to summon him back into the world through some complicated, ceremonial ritual. Perhaps LeChuck could possess the guy for Guybrush's battle with him. Y'know, so LeChuck can have an appearance without having too much of an appearance.
  • Yeah, I didn't include Morgan and Winslow because this is PAST characters. ;) Seeing as Tales' ending seems to be setting up a direct sequel, chances are they'll most likely return anyway.

    I'd quite like to sacrifice LeChuck and either Stan or Murray for, say, Governor Phatt and Herman. :D
  • The Men of ************* ******* Low Moral Fiber.
  • mgrant;390968 said:
    With a series of puzzles inside the derelict Carnival of The Damned perhaps? I would love that.
    The carnival of the damned melted into beautiful ice-caverns... plenty of frozen orange with greens, purples etc. for the voodoo carnival and blue/white for the ice. I think there's a picture in that!

    In terms of my vote, i'd have to go with Largo LaGrande because I think he'd fit in well into the TTg style and would have something to offer a new series.

    I'd also like to see the Pirates of Low moral fibre and Wally though they wouldn't have much to offer the game.
  • puuuh... largo lagrande or wally :confused:
    wally or largo lagrande :o largo la... äh no, wally :cool:

    (... and largo lagrande too)
  • I don't get the love for Largo ... kind of a nonentity in my opinion.

    I'd kinda like to see the Fettuccine Bros. return, but my real vote is for the Lost Welshman.

    Also, the rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle.

    -The Gneech :cool:
  • Kate Capsize, as she has a sexy new voice from the SE, and her cluelessness when Guybrush freed her (if, you know, you were bothered) was quite sweet - despite the snarky attitude!
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