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If you had to pick one past character to return, who would it be?

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It was great having Guybrush, LeChuck, Elaine, the Voodoo Lady, Stan and even Murray back for Tales. But in the hypothetical Tales 2, if one extra character from Secret, Revenge, Curse or Escape could return, whom would you choose?

I chose Herman Toothrot, because he appeared in some way in all four original games, and he always makes me laugh. Getting Wally Wingert to do the voice would be important, he's made the role his own now as far as I'm concerned. ;)

As for Escape's ending and the revelations about his past, Telltale could always just gloss over it with a couple of lines like "How's being Governor of Melee Island?" "Oh, I quit. It was boring, so I let Timmy take over"

In the poll I've included every character who either appeared in more than one game, or had a major role in the game they were featured in.
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  • This thread suffers for the reason that it's not multiple optional.
  • doodo!;396774 said:
    This thread suffers for the reason that it's not multiple optional.
    But this thread is called 'If you could pick one past character to return, who would it be?'.

    If you could pick more than one that would defeat the point.
  • I guess I get that but I couldn't pick just one. Apparently others can.
  • lombre;390990 said:
    I'd say Otis and Wally would be my top picks, but I'll go ahead and vote for Otis. I think he just has great potential for Tales 2.

    Also, regarding the whole reappearance of LeChuck thing that was being discussed last page, I think it'd be great if the secondary villain in the next season was a follower of LeChuck trying to summon him back into the world through some complicated, ceremonial ritual. Perhaps LeChuck could possess the guy for Guybrush's battle with him. Y'know, so LeChuck can have an appearance without having too much of an appearance.
    Cameo, hmmm...
    Lemonhead for sure.
    Now to pressing matters.
    Yes, yes, and yes to the Lombre's idea.
    I would love to see a new lead villain, like Ozzie or DeSinge.
    Telltale have already shown this so it shouldn't be too hard.
    Like the suggestion above, have a cult, or a following from the like of 'The First Church of LeChuck' attempt to summon LeChuck back to life.
    Maybe throw Largo, the mysterious Voodoo priest, and Allegro Rasputin into the mix of followers.

    But definitely have another competent villain that either wants to summon LeChuck or attempts to use his essence to fuel their own crazy megalomaniac ideas.
    And if it's episode based then with LucasArts approval you could call the fifth episode: The Phantom Menace, in reference to the new Villain attempting to resurrect the no. 1 villain of all time from the shadows - not LeChimp - LeChuck!
  • Wally would be my first choice. The scene where Guybrush made him cry was hilarious. (Also i hope Murray is going to be back again in the next season whenever that is - hopefully soon)
  • Lemonhead is one of my favorite not-really-relevant-to-the-plot characters, so I'm gonna go with the cannibals.
  • I remember in MI2, LeChuck was almost like Sauron. The ultimate evil. The one you most definately didn't want to invite to your birthday party, because he'd almost certainly eat all the cake by himself. You know. Like really really evil.

    LeChuck should've had the same status as Sauron did for LOTR. The one to avoid. Instead, he's become a common thugh you have to save the caribbean from every now and then. TOMI brought that back in the last part - too bad he looked like a rabbit with a beard, so I almost couldn't stop laughing during some of the cutscenes. :D

    In short, the next Monkey Island, if they bring LeChuck back, it should be like a LOTR (a final epic journey to rid the world of LeChuck for good), but with brilliant Monkey Island humour. And just to stay on topic, Largo LaGrande should have a big part in the next game.
  • We're really big on the Necro here, huh? Can nobody come up with a good, /new/ thread?
  • Well, if LeChuck can do it...
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