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Well :) imagine that they had met before

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:P One of my work from Garry's Mod and pure Photoshop. Just imagine if those guys have already met and they are even best friends on the battlefield?. What do you think :o?

This is what is on Heavy's Desk, his Sasha, his card and... a secret photo:


Download full size image (1920x1200)

[Updated] So, two more here:

Max's Desk: Wonder how Max get his Magnum pistol?
Download full size Wallpaper (1920 x 1200)

And the lovely picture in the above shot? Here it is:
Download full size Wallpaper (1600 x 900)
Download the 4:3 version (1280 x 1024)
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  • Damn, that's a sexy wallpaper. We need more!

    On a side note, though, the posing is a little stiff, and Max looks like he's looking away from the camera. The rest looks great, though. I'd be open to fixes in the future.
  • why is max gigantic compared to heavy?
  • Nice, aside from how huge Max is.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Tiny Sasha and Giant Max! But very very cool.
  • Uh oh it's the Spy disguised as Max
  • Well :P the reasons for all of this were:

    1/. I'm not good at Source's SDK modelling so after making Max's model at normal size, Max is so... light in weight that to the SDK he weighs no more than a paper => Hard to make him stand still! So I thought that: "hey, doesn't a gigantic Max bring something new to the scene?". Then that's it.

    2/. If the Sasha is scaled correctly, it would take over the whole picture; or, other things must be scaled down!

    By the way, it's great to feel that you guys love it :D (yah the posing is not good enought). So I will definitely make another version of Max's desk :D. Stay still!
  • Considering you only made the Heavy's desk so far, it was only natural you'd do the others. If you need advice on how to fix Max's posing problems, you could try asking on facepunch or some other place for advice. I'm sure there's plenty of guys who know how to fix similar problems.

    Also I understand resizing the minigun, but it would help to make the ammo belt to scale as well in the future.
  • Why do I have the feeling that picture was taken right before Max's Severed Head was added to the game?
  • Bunnyman;396993 said:
    Why do I have the feeling that picture was taken right before Max's Severed Head was added to the game?
    Nah, done it myself the last Sunday.
  • nkahoang;397008 said:
    Nah, done it myself the last Sunday.
    No, that's not what he meant. What he was trying to say was, that the Heavy took that picture with Max right before he chopped his head off.
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