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Hey staff

spambots are signing up on this board alot now

so can you staff members ban them please

thanks again


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    It's not that easy.
    They bypass the security checks and then its virtually impossible to detect them until they post.
    So, yeah.
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    Plus they have been banning a few. Also where are they posting, I barely see them.
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    Bots (or trolls?) all over General Chat, suddenly.
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    Hey, yeah. Seriously. I'm putting aside my strong desire to be a mod, just to fight off these bots. They are causing me pain. If you give me special privileges temporarily, an account to PM, or just some way to get a list to people who can ban them, I will happily hunt down the spa bots. Just, please, let me help get rid of them.
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    If you see one posting, report the post using this logo report.gif below their username/avatar/details.

    We do stamp them out as quickly as we can, but some will always sneak through.
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