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Sam & Max Ideas!

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If you have ideas for episodes, post em below! \/\/\/\/\/
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  • I'd like an episode where Sam and Max somehow get sucked into some of the worlds most famous literature! Mainly because they would seem completely out of place but also because whatever they did in the story would leave it altered for forever
  • Ok!Heres an idea!While doing something the duo come across a strange machine with a large button that says undo.Max thinks that this will undo the actions on some dudes computer and stuff they just done will be undone.Max presses the undo button and the two soon find themselves in a world were they never exsisted!this meaning that hugh bliss did take over the world the villan in season 2 done whatever he done (sorry!i haven't played it yet cause i can't find it for wii)and somehow the events from the 3rd season never took place while the ones from season 1 & 2 did!so sam and max have to go through all there past adventures but have to find better and quicker ways of doing them and also find out why the event's of season 3 never happend.And there'd be 3 different endings!
    ending 1.sam and max find a way out of this world and back into the world they come from.
    ending 2.sam and max get out of this world and retire as freelance police but then form there own police group.
    ending 3.sam and max get out of the world but so does a new enemy!

    well thats my idea.not great but ok.
  • Kassie236;360438 said:
    How about this: Sam & Max have been teleported to an ancient kingdom full of magic and supernatural creatures and they become knights to slay a terrible beast beyond what anyone can imagine.
    Samuel & Maxwell: Unofficial Knights.
  • StrongBrush1;361129 said:
    Samuel & Maxwell: Unofficial Knights.
    I prefer Samuel & Maximilian.:D
  • In 304 we saw `Sam without Max', now we need a `Max without Sam'. I wonder what would happen.
  • id like an episode called max and sam where sam and max switch places like max wears cloths but sam doesnt.
  • I'd like a mystery where they solve an actual murder.
  • Mu... Murder? You have no idea what you're talking about. Since when do detective solve MURDERS? Geese, get a grip :p :)
  • Even South Park made a Cthulhu musical number....

    We need one of those!
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