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Jurassic Park SNES

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Anyone else played this game? I thought it was freakin hard! was dramatic and the music was nice..anyone else ever jump when they saw this:

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  • I have Jurassic Park for SNES (great music) and Jurassic Park for the Genesis. My brother used to have The Lost World for the Sega Saturn but got rid of it. The Chaos Continues was also a fun game with some excellent music.
  • Origami;397960 said:
    I recommend the Dino Crisis games for anyone who wants to pack some dinosaur action.
    I miss Dino Crisis. Well, I still own them. What I mean is that Resident Evil is on it's 5th game with a lot of spin off games too while Dino Crisis ended with DC3.

    They need to remake Dino Crisis with RE5 controls or something because Dino Crisis was an awesome series and needs to be continued.
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    I remember both the SNES and Genesis games we DOPE! My friend had Sega CD and the JP game for that was cool, but we only played it for like 5 minutes, because then we jumped on Mortal Kombat!!! lol. I also played the JP arcade game were you are sitting down inside that jeep thing shoot dino's and they will crap on you lol. I never played operation genesis, but heard it was fun.
  • Alan Johnson;397036 said:
    Such a good game! Also, one of the earliest console first-person shooters!
    Not to knit pick but that was a top down shooter, and the Sega one was better.
  • Elvenmonk;400535 said:
    Not to knit pick but that was a top down shooter, and the Sega one was better.
    When you enter a building the game switches into a FPS.
  • I remember being AMAZED at the FPS indoor portions of the game - the red DNA sequencers like in the movie - wow!

    Funny how in 1993 you would think to yourself, "This is the pinnacle of game graphics right here!" and now they look so antiquated...
  • Elvenmonk;400535 said:
    Not to knit pick but that was a top down shooter, and the Sega one was better.
    Not to nit pick, but you're wrong. Entering buildings placed you into a first person view.
  • Oh yeah, I had both the SNES & Genesis games. Cause back then, they were the bomb. Graphics, sound, gameplay, truly good stuff. (Well, better than the NES/Game Boy one that is.) I remember in the SNES how much fun / scarry it was at the time for a 11 year old to go into the 1st person buildings. Yeah...I had to learn the hard way, if you enter the pich black rooms Without the night-vision gogles...well, your dead. (Needless to say, I'll never made that mistake again.)
  • I got the game not too long ago to play on my dusty SNES. It was hard and a bit confusing, plus I couldn't get the SNES mouse to work with it so either I keep doing something wrong or the internet lied to me! Also back in the day I had the Game Gear version of Jurassic Park. Very fun and had a blast beating it.
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