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  • HK-47 from 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic'. It's funny how a robot has the most personality than most of the other supporting characters :D. His whole persona is great and some of his lines of dialogue are just great!
  • I still never got to play as Remolay.
    His character sheet no longer exists, but I remember him being a Neutral Good Ranger whose species enemy was the rabbit
    D&D 2nd edition
  • Edagyth Grimsdottir, a chaotic neutral level 12 dual classed Fighter/Swashbuckler Minotaur. She was basically the loud boisterous bruiser type and was an absolute joy to play given the group she was with was full of lawful good types.

    Her whole reason for joining up was basically after a solo mission she'd gotten drunk at a bar and totaled the place, which got her arrested. She then busted out and tore up a good chunk of the town doing so, spotted the group leaving and joined up because they were going to a location pretty much on the other side of the continent.
  • Is this RPG characters as in ones you play yourself or NPCs from games?

    If it's the latter then Minsc from the Baldur's Gate series, because he is AWESOME. What could be better than a berserker ranger whose animal companion is a miniature giant space hamster? Special mentions also go to Jan Jansen the eccentric gnome, Xan the depressed Elven wizard, Xzar the insane evil wizard and Montaron the evil halfling. (who's voiced by Earl Boen!)

    If we're talking about characters we play ourselves, then it would be a coin-toss between Leona Osaki (you get a cookie if you know where I stole the real name from) AKA 'Relay' from the Deadlands: Hell on Earth campaign I was in a few years ago, and Kirstyn Liess, my current second-edition Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay character who is one failed Willpower roll away from becoming an officially mad wizard.

    Relay was a 17 year-old Junker, which is basically a cross between a mad scientist and a shaman. They use machine spirits of various forms to power devices that really shouldn't work, the GM would give be a bonus to rolls to build them if I drew out 'blueprints' first. Some of Relay's weirder inventions were remote-controlled robotic spy roaches and her own version of an Irken backpack. And her pet project/the party's mode of transportation was a heavily armed and armoured Winnebago named 'Mustang Sally'. I miss that campaign.

    Kirstyn Liess is a wizard of the Celestial College and can be best described as somewhere between Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet and Munstrum Ridcully from Discworld. Her hobbies include being the only 'good' member of a morally-ambivalent party, being the only (questionably) sane member of the party, blasting things with lightning and occasionally freaking out and attacking birds because they're all spies for Tzeentch. Bloody birds. She's also the toughest member of the party due to the randomly-generated statline WFRP uses, which has led to a lot of jokes being made about her 'sturdy hips'. In fact, the party has used her as a honeypot trap twice, to her everlasting disdain. Fun times!
  • Hayden;401020 said:
    HK-47 from 'Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic'. It's funny how a robot has the most personality than most of the other supporting characters :D. His whole persona is great and some of his lines of dialogue are just great!
    I second this. Even when I had more powerful supporting characters I would always ensure that HK-47 was in my party just to hear his hilarious commentary.

    I also liked Atton Rand in KotOR II quite a lot, especially on the Dark Side path when he slowly turns into a sadistic bastard. He gets almost as funny as HK-47 at times.
  • Jen Kollic;401054 said:
    Is this RPG characters as in ones you play yourself or NPCs from games?
    If its these instead of your tabletop RPG characters my favorite in the latter category would be the following

    - The lady in Persona 4 who sits in the shopping district and extols the virtues of the square button

    - The little toad kid in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars who you play with. He just amused the hell out of me, especially when he shoots Mario in the face.

    - Ryotaro Dojima and Nanako from Persona 4, they were just fun characters and I loved working on their social links.

    - The random NPC duo who stood near the entrance to Muladhara in Digital Devil Saga who talk about how they're going to kick so much ass in the next raid.

    - Hisano, the sweet old lady who announces she's death. She also is the death social link in Persona 4 if you couldn't tell (Yes, I'm in love with Atlus' NPCs, they're awesome).

    - judge Grindstump from TMI. He just made me laugh every time I talked to him.

    In terms of PCs (non-D&D this time), it would be a tie between Serph of Digital Devil Saga and the Silent Protagonist (named Drake Case in my game, as an homage to a badass bounty hunter I was playing in an RP at a time and to Case of Neuromancer) of Persona 4. Serph less so because your decisions only had effects on certain aspects of the plot, whereas it felt your decisions had more impact as the P4 protagonist.
  • Basically, the idea was to post our own role playing characters. But you are welcome to also post NPCs!
    My favourite NPCs are the following:

    Gondol: (On the same campaign which Fredegar belongs to)
    Gondol is a half goblin who loves cheese. He claims to be a powerful magician, and uses his powers randomly. He tells tales about himself, which begin in 'Once, when Gondol was hungry...' and resemble lines 3-6 of the third scene of Macbeth.
    He also often steals items from PCs just to give them back to others, and sometimes the party finds itself with junk items in our inventory.
    When he came to our party, he decided to make a party of his own, to which we all belong. Furthermore, he also decided that he is King Gondol the First. Currently, he is the court jester of queen Daenerys. (As mentioned before, this campaign is partially based on 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.) He got this position after he stood in her court and demanded that she fills his request. She was going to execute him, but then he said that his demand is a wheel of cheese.

    Charlie: (On my campaign)
    Charlie is a warrior, but the main idea of his character is that he is one of the characters who appear out of the blue and says something like 'Yeah, that's right.' They often go back to the background after this. (A good example is this video.)
    Charlie has a (currently unseen) brother. His name is Archie. Charlie mentions him on every possible occasion. Instead of saying 'yeah, that's right,' Charlie will say 'Yeah, that's right. Archie's a good fellow, he is.' He didn't appear out of the blue and said it yet, but I am going to try make it happen in the most unexpected moments.
  • Morte.

    It's a talking skull that follows you wherever you go.
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