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Season 4 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

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I'm addicted to it I need it and it's awesome so after I'm done playing the devils playhouse ten more times when can I expect to pre order season 4
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  • i can't believe i'm saying this. because i'm a HUGE fan of the sam & max games, especially this last season. but i think they should wait a few years before doing a 4th season. i dont want these games to get stale. maybe do a zak mcKraken in the meantime? :P
  • You can leave the room, Shref.

    (Just kidding. But honestly, a FEW YEARS?! Who CARES if it's boring and stale, I JUST WANT IT SOON.)
  • Player_2;400337 said:
    You can leave the room, Shref.

    (Just kidding. But honestly, a FEW YEARS?! Who CARES if it's boring and stale, I JUST WANT IT SOON.)
    lol i was expecting a response like that. but they could make some more monkey island or revive zak mckraken or maniac mansion in the meantime :) more awesome series > 1 overdone series ;)
  • My take on Season 4: we'd probably see a major Sam and Max case through the eyes of another person a la Raiden from MGS2. Political and conspiracy thriller parodies abound. Sam and Max are mentioned but only show up near the season's end. Fan backlash, corny references to other video games (Bluster Blaster as THE PATRIOTS), etc.
  • Seriously no I want my Sam and Max right now if not sooner.
  • tabstis;384369 said:
    I had some ideas in my head for a fourth season. It basically starts off with Sam and Max saving the city from a brand new villain (who then turns out to be the villain of episode 3) and then it turns out they are famous.

    New characters include a reporter following them, an obsessive Max stalker, an evil rich nemesis, a mad scientist who lives between dimensions and a girl who is looking for her father.

    Episode 1 revolves around some paradoxes that are appearing across the city as the result of meddling. Sam and Max spend the two episodes searching for the cause behind these and some other shady plots involving the reporter as the villian of the first episode.

    At the end of episode 2, an apocalypse occurs as a result of Grandpa Stinky's actions and the whole city is destroyed. Sam and Max meet the scientist guy and spend Episode 3 putting it right, discovering that the first villain is behind it.

    In Episode 4, everything is back to normal before the apocalypse and Sam and Max must confront a returning villain in the form of a vengeful General Skun-ka'pe. The episode ends as Max's stalker finally blackmails him into marrying her, creating a union of pure evil.

    Episode 5 involves Sam attempting to break up the wedding before it can occur but fails - resulting in a scene where he breaks into the church to stop it when they are interrupted by Papierwaite.

    Papierwaite blames Sameth and Maximus for all the bad things that have happened to him, and with Norrington finally gone and Max busy, he has won the election and is president. Papierwaite sends Sam and Max to the dark dimension as he prepares to destroy the planet and escape on Skun-ka'pe's ship.

    There, they must make their way back as the mad scientist is revealed to be the girl's father, General Skun-ka'pe discovers he has a son on his home planet, the evil rival perishes and Sal and Stinky meet again in a parallel universe. Finally, with help from Satan, they return and stop Papierwaite.

    At the last moment, Papierwaite is backstabbed by none other than the original Max who plans to destroy the world anyway, bitter at being replaced. At the last moment, the Sam from the alternate timeline shows up and leaves with him, solving the paradox and sealing the dimensions.

    Thus, all the loose ends are tied up. Papierwaite is put in the dark dimension with Norrington again, much to both of their dismay and locked there for eternity.

    But that's just all my ideas...
    i like your idea its nice i like it new people new evil new season and also i have a idea for a name sam and max and the world to come if i was at telltalegames like a boss or something i would let you be my idol for ideas good job
  • *cries* they're taking too long to release season 4
  • Man--if TellTale releases ANYTHING, I have to buy it on conviction. You guys make awesome adventure games!

    Specifically, if you release a 4th Series for Sam & Max, I'm yours.

    Hell, if you released one series a year for the next 70 years, I'd die a happy (albeit poorer) man. :D
  • I see season 4 being like a parallel type of season esp after Sam and Max went into the elevator time machine.

    However, it migh get old quite fast considering that other previous eps like Reality 2.0 and They Stole Max's brain kinda plays into that.

    I think the idea of someone saying that they revisit HTR would be a nice touch, but TT would probably have to get a license from LA if it is too blatant. I can see them, however, doing a loose or vague reference. For instance, having freelance police travelling back in time right after the events of HTR. I can imagine them somehow stopping stop the trees from overpopulating the globe. That could also explain the slight street inconsistancies betwee HTR and the TT games.
  • I have a feeling that the new Max is going to betray you at some point in season 4 or even be the villain. It makes sense because Telltale could never make the real Max be the villain because he was to attached to Sam and that would ruin the game because the game is called Sam and Max.
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