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Rate the Last Game You Finished

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Title says it all. Rate the last video game you completed.

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future - 9.5/10
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  • Believe the last ones were Alpha Protocol, Demon's Souls and Red Dead Redemption.

    Alpha Protocol 7.5/10

    The story wasn't bad, and the characters were pretty good. Hell the gameplay wasn't that bad either. There was just some really nagging flaws which brought the game down. The bosses all seemed the same routine. They would all have 2 phases, 1 where they'd shoot at you from a distance, and the other where they'd run up to you and punch you. They were often just tedious to beat too. There was plenty of bugs and glitches too.

    Demon's Souls 8.5/10

    I really love the combat. It's intutive and it's extremely fun. It isn't like a normal hack and slash, you have to think about what actions you take, and if you take a bad one it will punish you, hard. Now why I don't think it deserves a 9 or higher? it takes trying to be difficult way too far. If you die on a boss, it often forces you to redo that entire chapter of the map. Some chapters have shortcuts which you can open up, others not quite. It can get extremely annoying, and it doesn't add to the difficulty at all, it just makes the game frustrating. There's a reason why we haven't had that since the 90s. I love a challenge, but I want it to be hard because of the boss, not because I have to walk through the same dungeon I've already completed again every time I die. Also the story left much to be desired.

    Red Dead Redemption 9/10

    The story is pretty good although a bit drawn out. The characters are largely likable unlike most of rockstars games, you can also relate to them far better. The gameplay is much improved too. However it has much of the same flaws as rockstars other series, GTA. The world looks really nice, and it is massive. However, it's pointless having such a large world if 90% of it is empty. You can be travelling for miles and not come across anything. The story is also dragged out a lot to extend the length of the game, there's plenty of filler missions that you have to do in order to get further in the story, it really gets boring doing a lot of them.
  • DrRocketGenius;393309 said:
    Kirby's Epic Yarn - 10/10

    Yes. Just yes.
    :( That's not out for the UK just yet. I really want to play it. I'm glad to hear it'll be worth getting though! How long did it take for you to complete it?
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Mass Effect 2
    8/10 quite nice!
    Haven't played the first part (copy protection inacceptable), but I rather liked the second! It's been some time since my last "action" game. ;)

    A New Beginning (German Adventure)
    1/10 EPIC FAIL
    "Finished" meaning "had to stop playing because of bugs". Looks like this game was set up with an engine meant for hobby programmers, then sold as a full price game. Problems by the dozen, and no chance to give the game back now.

    Puzzle Agent
    3/10 meh
    Unfortunately not my kind of game, sorry. There's much love put in it, but still... nah.
  • Fallout: New Vegas - 8.5/10

    I loved Fallout 3. Loved it loved it loved it. I felt like something was missing from New Vegas though. The missions seemed to linger on the longer side, and even though it was about the length of Fallout 3, the missions were longer (as I said) so there wasn't quite as much as variety. And the companions were really buggy. I sent Veronica back to my house about half way through the game, and she never showed up so I couldn't use her for the rest of the game. :( Still a really good game though.
  • 'Beyond Good & Evil' - 98.5%

    I actually replayed this game. I felt that I needed to, as it had been a while since I'd last played it and I was feeling the urge to re-experience it. Prior to replaying it, I remembered that I had very fond memories of the game, but I couldn't remember exactly what it was that made it so special and enjoyable to me. Then, once I began to play it, it all came back to me. The well characterized and well designed characters like Pey'j, Double H, Jade herself and basically every other major or minor character in the game gave a real depth to it that many games just don't have. The story and plot were also very, very good - the whole 'corruption from within', manipulation, 'disguised evil' aspect that the story was centered around was very intriguing. Gameplay was also another thing that played a huge role in the quality of the game. Whether it was taking photos, combat, the stealth sections, mini-games, object and character interaction, racing, flying the Beluga, or even menu navigating, it was all made and designed brilliantly so that none of it was tedious and all of it was enjoyable!

    Also - exploration and freedom. While it was quite a small environment, it was so packed full of little miniature locations which you could explore, find goodies in, find animals to photograph (and kill). The world was interesting to look around in because there were no restrictions on the player; we have the freedom to go where we want and there's usually something interesting wherever you go. And if it wasn't some sort of little bonus that you were given when it came to exploring certain places of the world, you were always provided with something that looked cool, which brings me to my next point to rave about - the visuals. The artwork of this game was excellent! The style that it was done in just looked incredible, the cartoony look was very attractive, and the game looked extremely vibrant for a game from 2003. And while the graphics weren't perfect, they did the job and didn't detract from the overall experience of the game (and even if they did, the HD version is being released next year).

    And I can't finish this mini-review without mentioning the music. The soundtrack to this game was/is awesome, and so well composed, performed and implemented! It is excellent music and it fits so perfectly with the game and really complements it. The stealth sections are made that much more tense thanks to the music used, the sad moments are really emphasized by the music, the fast-paced and exciting moments are accompanied by up-beat and exciting music, the laid-back moments of exploration are accompanied by fittingly laid-back music, etc. You get where I'm going - the music just fits so well!

    All of these things just work together to create what is ultimately a great, great game. The character depth aids the story immensely, the story adds to the excitement, the excitement is created by the gameplay, the gameplay is made that much better by having the moments of exploration and freedom, the exploration is made fun by the little bonuses and attention to detail, the attention to detail includes the artwork, the artwork goes perfectly with the music and overall theme and feel of the game, yadda, yadda, yadda. What I'm saying is that every piece of this game is executed near-perfectly and is also made to fit in with the game. Nothing feels out of place, nothing is boring, all of the characters you genuinely care about, nothing is tedious, everything is brilliant.


    Just go buy the damned thing if you don't already own it.
  • King's Quest The Silver Lining Chapter II: The Two Houses - 6.5/10

    Still kind of slow to pick up in terms of story momentum, but more puzzle solving than the previous chapter. The voice acting, plot and humor are all still pretty solid, and I have to say I was pleased to be able to go back to the Isle of Wonder again. My major problem is kind of a continual complaint with the KQ games for me (I've never been a huge fan of the games, though they were alright for the most part), that there are always two or three puzzles that I just beat my head against trying to figure out. This isn't just that I failed to notice something, it's those bits where you have to just start emptying your pockets in front of everyone you talk to in the hopes of getting a lead. It just leaves me angry and frustrated rather than enjoying the success of solving a genuinely tricky puzzle.

    Still, this is a better installment than chapter one, What is Decreed Must Be, and hopefully the next chapter will do the same.
  • Puzzle Agent - 8/10

    make more!!! oplzoplzoplzoplzoplzoplzoplzoplzoplzoplzoplzoplz
  • Dead Space - 9/10

    I really enjoyed this game. Combat was fun and it also had a great story. Some parts felt a little fetch-questy, but it was overall a great game. Could have done without that last second of the closing cinematic, though.
  • Night of the Raving Dead: 7/10
    I hate Jurgen. I hate him so much. The part where I get to kill him is so satisfying, Except I already know he's going to show up 3 more times.
  • I am at the final bosses of both Deathspank and New Vegas. I'm still looking for quests in New Vegas, while the final boss in Deathspank is so freaking hard, so technically I haven't finish them, but I'd give both 8/10, because while both are great, none exceed my expectations.

    I'm also still playing Assassin's Creed 2 (since I bought it just a few weeks ago), and I'm actually gonna give it a 9, because I kinda enjoyed it more.
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