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You know, I like the IDEA of Ozzie Mandrill...

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...I just felt like they overdid the insult games and Worf effect. The idea of a villain whose greatest scheme is cultural assimilation that can defeat his opponents by confusing them with obscure slang strikes me as a decent enough addition to the MI universe.

The big thing they need to fix is have him be rivals with LeChuck, and have it be an intense, close rivalry, rather than LeChuck acting as Ozzie's flunky.

Also, Admiral Casaba strikes me as someone who could make a pretty good Lawful Evil enforcer.
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  • I loved Ozzie he was great!
  • I liked how he kept reminding you that he was Australian. "Well, that's shaved the proverbial dingo..."
  • It was very "Hey, have I mentioned I'm Australian today?"
  • He played the part of a distraction for Guybrush well.
  • Also referring to Elaine as a "sheila" :p
  • Yeah, Ozzie was a great character. The biggest problem for me was that he treated LeChuck like a child and I just don't see LeChuck actually putting up with it. It just seemed like LeChuck's and Guybrush's relationships with other characters were really messed up. You have these two intense pirates and all of a sudden they're both treated like they are insignificant. And this is coming from someone who has defended EMI on this forum many a time.
  • EMI would have been better if Ozzie and LeChuck where working separate plans and they coincided. Murray offed a good way for LeChuck to escape his icy tomb with out Ozzie by using his flaming beard.
  • coolsome;402055 said:
    EMI would have been better if Ozzie and LeChuck where working separate plans and they coincided.
    Hey, I actually really like that idea - I feel that it would have worked much better. Because, think about it, LeChuck and Ozzie really are two very different characters, so it would have felt a bit more natural if they were to be scheming separately and, like you said, have their plans coincide with one another.

    Also, on a semi-unrelated note, I learned the word 'trollop' off of Ozzie.
  • Along with being very different characters their goals never really meshed. Given the Ultimate Insult itself was the only Macguffiny link between the two, it would have made sense that their hunt for it would have led to them meeting. Finding out they had a common problem in Guybrush and THEN teaming up would have made a touch more sense.
  • See I like to think of the Ozzie, LeChuck relationship like LeChuck let him treat him that way.... until the end when Ozzie was no longer needed.
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