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new csi game

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anyone else looking forward to the new csi i am double happy because the last one i was able to play was hard evidence and never got chance to play deadly intent but can play this since it out on ps3 and the connecting story sounds interesting , also from what i have seen of trailers it is first person but not in point and click form so be awesome if you can move around crime scenes what other people think ?
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  • I can't think because I can't breath...
    Anyway, why do you think it isn't point & click? I mean, I don't know whether it is point-n-click or not, but, what did you see on the trailer that makes you think that?
    I think it will be point-n-click, since ALL Telltale Games had been point-n-click (for interaction at least, although ou have to use keyboard or other means for moving in some of them).
    So, maybe you're right and this new CSI allows you free movement around crime scenes, perhaps using a system similar to the Frogware's Sherlock Holmes games (full 3D, first person, WASD movement, mouse interaction with environment...). But I doubt it...
  • When we'll have some news about it?
    When will be the blog updated about this?
    New screens, news trailer, interviews, etc?
    Will it be downloadable - I suppose not?
  • Most of the info is on the official Ubisoft site, It releases on October 26.
    volcano classic
  • i maybe being picky but in the trailer cathrines ingame character models look about 18
  • i also found this synopsis of the game

    For the first time in the CSI game series, team up with the cast of CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationTM not only to solve some of the most gruesome crimes of Sin City, but also to take down a dangerous drug cartel. Unveil clues in 5 connected cases to bring a powerful drug lord to justice in the most strategic and unpredictable CSI game yet!

    CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Features:

    Take Down the Queen... Partner with FBI agent Gene Huntby in 5 connected cases. Special Agent Huntby will both help and challenge you in a hunt for the Queen of the Hive, a formidable drug lord that may be behind a series of shocking murders.

    Unveil a Conspiracy… Be prepared to work with your CSI partners, including the returning Sara Sidle, to solve murder cases and uncover the Fatal Conspiracy behind the crimes you investigate. You will question the integrity of even your own CSI teammates as suspicions arise of infiltration by the powerful criminal organization.

    Feel Chills Run Down Your Spine… While exploring crime scenes, analyzing unusual evidence, or following the twists of the story. CSI: Fatal Conspiracy is an all new immersive experience thanks to intriguing cases written with CSI show writers, a fully updated rendering engine allowing for more realistic lighting effects, and enhanced character acting and lip sync with the voices of the main actors from the show.

    Perform the Tasks of a CSI Detective… Collect evidence at the crime scene, dust for fingerprints ,search for items that might be related to the case, unveil hidden evidence using high-tech tools such as an Ultrasound device, a digital SLR camera, and more…, interview a variety of witnesses and suspects, utilise an improved interrogation system for more realistic character interactions, ask the right questions and use evidence collected at the crime scene to get the ultimate truth, analyze the evidence with the latest technology, DNA & chemical analysis, microscopic analysis, audio/video analysis and more…

    the bit about suspion arises due to inflitration by the organsation i hope it just doesnt turn out to be the fbi agent that would be way to easy
  • I currently thought about buying the new CSI game. A friend of mine told me that the game should be great and that I will like it but I am not quite sure about that. I also read that the game should be great so I think I will buy it. I am quite excited about it.
  • Ok I am stuck on Case 4. I asked all the questions to Dr but it won't let me observe the left!
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