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No Poster / extras with season1 DVD in Sweden

posted by jools33 on - last edited - Viewed by 3.3K users
I bought the SamnMax DVD today (in Stockholm - Sweden) and was gutted to open it and find no bonus material as promised on the box - so no Steve Purcell goodies. I took it back to the shop (GAME) and got a refund - then tried in EB Games instead - and it was the same story there - none of their copies come with the bonus material - although it is promised on the DVD casing. As its the 1st day of the box versions release in Sweden - perhaps the publishers messed up in some way. What I'd like to know is if there is any intention of launching the game in Europe (or Sweden) with the Bonus material included - if so - how where do I get it from? - and wonder if any other Europeans have similar problems - if so feel free to comment here - so as we can communicate this to Telltale et all.
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  • riggs;40243 said:
    [quote=Emily]The only physical thing that should be in there is a poster...
    Emily's talking about the american retail version which should apply to all countries but for some reason doesn't
  • hmm, it didn't clarify anything. only more confusion, sorry. the season one disc telltale sells at their store is a different version than the official retail by jowood.
    the telltale version consists of a dvd with the six episodes and some bonus content, a two-page booklet and the dvd case itself. the retail version has bonus content on the disc as well, but different from the telltale disc and is supposed to have a poster included. right?
    the retail has a 3d-rendered artwork on the cover, whille the telltale disc features a more stylish image drawn by steve purcell.
  • all makes sense now. I have got my monday head attached though, so the brain isn't fully operational at the moment!

    So, it seems that the American (DreamCatcher) version includes the poster, whereas the European (JoWood) version doesn't. Well, like I said, I'll check the disc when I get home from work and make sure all the bonus content is there, then send a complaint email to JoWood...

    I suggest everyone else in this situation does the same. The more complaints JoWood get, the more inclined they'll be to sort it out (either by offering the poster, FOC to anyone that didn't receive it (pretty unlikely), or reprint the box art and remove the 'includes full-sized poster' comment).
  • I was talking about JoWood's version, which should contain a poster inside the DVD case. The rest of the extras -- including the concept art -- should be on the DVD.

    I have been in touch with JoWood and learned that an early production run of the European release did not include the poster. This was accidental and they are going to rectify it for the customers who were affected. When I hear back from them who you guys should contact about the missing poster, I will post the information here.
  • Fantastic, thanks Emily :D
  • Anyone who's missing a poster from their retail purchase can contact Markus Reutner at JoWood ( to ask for a replacement.
  • Just to clarify - from my original post - I was referring to the english language version that is on sale in Sweden (by Jowood) - which is missing the poster - and any other extras that there maybe - all it contained was a manual and a DVD - I purchased it from GAME - and took it back for refund when I realised - I then checked at EB Games - and theirs were also missing all extras / poster, I told GAME to contact me if they get in a new version with a poster - so I'm waiting to hear back - I also asked them to contact Jowood - to apply more pressure...
  • And to clarify on my end - the only physical thing that should be inside the DVD case is a poster (plus the DVD and the manual, of course). The rest of the extras are on the DVD. ;)

    It sounded like just the first production run had this problem, but it might be worth contacting Markus at JoWood to ask when they expect stores to have the version with the poster in stock.
  • hi! I'm also from Sweden. I saw the season 1 dvd in a Ebgames store and as I understand it the Swedish version is packaged in a DVD case and not that nice big box?
  • no europe dont get the box version
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